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Benedetto, fondatore dell'Ordine Benedettino e del monachismo d'Occidente. Il fratello ne determinò le regole, e l'ordine si chiamò delle « Benedettine ». Da principio S. I love having a gun-free campus. I love being able to know that, at least in theory, I am safe from the horrors that guns can cause. But what should we expect? The impressionable child is dependent on critical thinking leadership from the likes of Bruce. The house still survives today, and in the Google image below, is the property on the right. His war bearing arms for King and Country therefore lasted for precisely one week before he was captured. Corporal Morris was probably not repatriated until after the war. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read .

Have a great afternoon.

Have a good day. Thank you PinkRoses for sending us your notes. Where are we and where are we going? We heard a lot of things happening in terms of out west with groups and with some of the pre-paids getting liquid. Then we heard they were going to have access very shortly to those funds.

They could see them in their accounts but not quite disperse the funds, couldn't get access to those funds yet even though they get paid and have access about time we go for our exchanges.

So we have a collision course or a shot gun start where all start at same time. Bruce: There were some jurated farm claims needed to be handled. Those started to be paid out Friday and continuing through the weekend. Something handled and done separate from the Prosperity package. Many Thanks & Much Gratitude To:Yosef, The Mu Crew, One Who Believes, Veritas & All The New Paradigm Stewardship:. To make things slightly more confusing we then discussed how exactly the same message, with the same emphasis, delivered by two different people could be taken multiple ways when the listener takes into account things like the relationship between them and the person talking, the wider context of the discussion, etc. Something to think about the next time you read something in an email …. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. The conservatives were having none of that. They were sure their beliefs had been denigrated, and to add insult to injury, the artist was rewarded with taxpayer money. They were outraged. However, rather than shunning Serrano's photo from then on, it seems they have co-opted it. They have replaced Christ with a clown who lives in a gilded penthouse. A total hypocrite! pic. Good morning! I'm getting these love "bear-ing" treats ready for the Ronald McDonald house. Choose the box of Teddy Graham flavor or your choice and pick up some of the candy hearts. I used a can of frosting to attach the hearts to the bears. Just use a little bit. Drys nicely, so don't worry about them falling off. Now to figure out what to do with them! So many possibilites! You could make these up for the preschoolers, or grandlittles or adults who aren't "adulting" as much! I'll post what I decide to do with them later. Good Morning. A lovely watercolour effect stamp which is great for lovely techniques, watch out for another card tomorrow! Hope you enjoy this quick make!.

Yet many consider crime is impacting on their lives in too many ways and it is suggested that police regard burglary of lessor import leaving many cases not investigated or delays meaning evidence unrecoverable.

A random question who has not been burgled. More prisons, double bunking, alternative sentencing are all regarded by too many as either soft options or too harsh depending on personal opinion resulting from an assumed humanity. Welfare was a great idea by Savage, FDR, Atlee and co but only while a degree of shame and pride led its recipients to a high degree of desire to move out of its suffocating embrace s quickly as possible. Sir Aparima Ngata saw what was in store for his people yet today most would say Sir who? So today the GDP is sustained and expanded by private security, substantial security in the home, and an army of 'Crats' producing stable door solutions on a regular basis that are all "after the horse has bolted" knee jerks. That initiative, that vote, has my support in trying to broker a solution to the Palestinian question.

It's a problem that has to be solved because, until it is, both the Israeli and Palestinian peoples will never live in peace.

Too much of the debate is about slogans. Too much of the debate is argued in terms of black and white. You're either for Israel or against it. You're either for the Palestinians or against them. Bush chief speechwriter, senior Republican policy adviser and reliable Beltway Republican stalactite, Michael Gerson: The role of conspiracy theories has been consistently underestimated in the rise and appeal of President Trump. No, no, no you fucking vantz. Honestly, what the fuck is it about former Bush speechwriters that they are incapable of finishing a god damn sentence correctly? The full and correct version of the terrible thought to which Michael Gerson does not dare give voice to is: The role of conspiracy theories has been consistently underestimated in the rise and appeal of President Trump by reliable Beltway Republican stalactites like Michael Gerson. All of us on the Left have seen this disaster bearing down on us for year and years and years. Have been sounding the alarm for year and years and years.

Just the last line from the same column: Day by day, Republicans are lowering their standards of sanity to defend an administration seized by conspiracy thinking.

And here is he doing it. Conclusion: NBC executives obviously condone Hewitt's lying. And his NBC colleagues are clearly constrained by those executives from calling his out for his lying. Which makes me wonder what other terrible truths are they forbidden to speak aloud.

crappy people being crappy.

There's just no reason to be a crappy person. .