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Then I stumbled on Micro-Air EasyStart What sold me on giving this unit a try, was the follow ups by the Micro-Air guy on several different forums. The responses were timely, sincere and informative. so I ordered one. I'd seen the instructions and schematics on the Micro-Air web site, but when I got into my rooftop a/c I got a little nervous about where the four wires on the EasyStart were supposed to go. I sent an email to the Micro-Air folks and got a reply in a matter of hours. "I am rooted, but I flow.

This could be a landscape, or an image inspired by the land in some way.

From WatchMojo. Watch: Shocking wood Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Think of it as a sasquatch photo bomb. From Brenton Sawin Mysteries To Search: Don Gummow has has several encounters with Bigfoot. These Sasquatch creatures have hung his dog in a tree and lured Don into the woods. The Sasquatch seem to be intelligent enough to gather intel and plan against a home or family if they need to. Two A&M Kingsville students were killed when their car plunged off a bridge into a river below. m. Because of unsafe condition on the river, divers had to wait until Sunday to remove the car from the water. She also makes fanciful characters and imaginative scenes. No matter the season or Holiday, Bridget always has something enchanting to share.

In celebration of St.

For Easter, silver and white Bunny riding bike, along with Hen and Easter baskets. As usual our area missed the bad weather affecting many other parts of the country, in fact it was quite a pleasant day. . Which is French for bee, of course. This oneis in the floor of a shop on rue Vignon,in Paris. Visit to view more of my work. I've been sharing more of my favorite children's books lately, and these posts have been something that I've really enjoyed putting together. The "sociopath," boiled down, is someone who routinely does, and takes, what she wants, unconcerned with the impact of her behavior on others. Nothing in my mind defines her essence more than this concise, factual description. She is rather unique, and thus diagnosable as a sociopath, to this precise extent. Sure, we've discussed this before, but it always merits, in my view, fresh reconsideration. And so let me add, I think, an important caveat: The sociopath doesn't necessarily feel she has the "right" to what she's pursuing, or planning to take. Rather, she doesn't feel she needs the right. She just needs the want. Simply wanting what she wants, with or without the right to it, meets her standard for laying claim to her quarry.

Because after all, you may ask the sociopath, "Did you have a 'right' to take that? To steal it?" And she may answer, with intellectual honesty, "No.

I realize, intellectually, that I had no right to what I took.

First snowdrops on a sunny bank.

Even in January there is some colour around.

But out of the sun. different world. . This begins with a quote from C. K. Barrett. A brief exchange ensues. . Dry, calm and sunny all day. Waxwing were in the arboretum most of the day, finally going for the orange berries that have looked ideal for waxwing all winter. Couple of red kites seen soaring over the fields between the arboretum and Barnsley Road before heading off south-west. Lesser redpolls were in with some siskin and goldfinches in the arboretum this afternoon, and a couple of lesser black-backed gulls flew over the fields at Boyne Hill Farm first thing. Lesser redpoll, red kite and lesser black-backed gulls are new for the year. Hi there and happy Tuesday. Cherry here for RRR. I have a shabby St. Patrick's Day card for you today. I've used some golds and greens and some vintage embellishments. I used gold berry cluster sprays in the middle of my bloom. I used some satin fabric with a ric rac edge and added seam binding along with some Tabitha natural crochet lace. ". Article: "Iraq joined the Convention on the transparency of the arbitration between investors and states" Quote: "This agreement is an important message and clear to the world that Iraq is a major hub in the Middle East for investment and reconstruction and construction," noting that "this agreement adopted by the United Nations to save the rights transparently in the event of a conflict between investors and states. " Dispute resolution is critical. A good sign. In short, If you don't have Confidence in getting what you want, you don't expect it either, and without expectation, it will fail more times than not. Expectation means that there is nothing keeping your manifestation from happening. There is NO Resistance or Blockage. Frankly, if you Don't EXPECT it, why should the Universe Manifest it? Can you imagine how crazy it would be in a Universe that just Manifests Un-Expected things? Instead the Universe and the Manifestation process is designed to Manifest what you want and EXPECT and nothing more or less. It is a Universe of Deliberate Creations that are Expected. The power of Expectation can be seen so easily with Prayer and Placebos. If you pray to God and fail to expect him to answer, you have nothing, but if you do EXPECT him to answer, miracles are the result. Likewise, if you take the placebo, but do not expect it to work, it does not. Expectation is the last step in the process and actually STARTS the Manifestation. Things have been busy here at the farm. This year, The Farmer decided to try lambing in February instead of January.

He's getting older and the cold of January can be brutal.

He's in charge - I just offer moral support and some help. And what happened in January? No snow and warm temperatures. Lambing began in earnest the beginning of February. The ewes have been doing a good job although there are a few who aren't interested in being moms. That leads to a lot of bottle feeding, time, and expense of buying milk replacer. Bottle lambs never grow as quickly as those that are raised on mother's milk. As usual there's been a lamb in the kitchen/bathroom for about three weeks now. The first was Boris who was on death's doorstep. Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he".

Observation: Jesus was talking about his friend and relative, John the Baptist.

When he described John, Jesus said that there was never anyone greater than him.

He then adds that the least person in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist. Application: Jesus said that the least person in the kingdom of heaven is greater than John. actually, I should say chasing away the winter whites. SNOW. I do love it and while it freezes activity for the most part, my dog Zetta is worse than any kid in the snow. She adores it. In and out—I wipe her paws and belly up and she settles, then and hour later she wants Out again. My Irish Great-Grandmother with her son and granddaughter  For many years I had no idea where my Irish Great-Grandmother Helen Mullen-Mason came from. I only knew she was born in Ireland. My father thought she was born in Cork, Ireland. I only found out that was erroneous when I received a copy of her sister's eulogy which stated she was born in Co. Galway, Ireland. Her parents names were said to be Patrick Mullen and Mary Huvane, also according to the eulogy. I was thinking Huvane didn't sound like an Irish surname. Alison and I are going to be in UK for a couple of weeks. so I've planned another London meet up. This event is open to everyone, there are no qualifying requirements. I'm very grateful we have an air-conditioned house. Last night was one of the few nights since we've lived here that we let the air-conditioner run all night. Yesterday and Saturday were spent mainly indoors after watering the plants and filling up plenty of water troughs for the chooks. These days are bad enough for us but I think how the native animals, birds and insects are faring, especially when their habitats have been wiped out for housing developments. It's not a wise move to leave food out for native wildlife but it's essential to leave water out in shaded places. Usually it will help keep your local birds and insects hydrated, but on extremely hot days it can be the difference between life and death. I finished off my shawl on Saturday and cast on a boy's seamless jumper in grey cotton. We have mild winters here so a cotton jumper generally keeps young bodies warm. It is time all tens of you know.

I love me some FB.

Now I know some people just say, "oh yea, I will pray for you" and they just go on about their day, but I have friends that will REALLY do it, like stop everything that they are doing and lift me up in prayer. I sometimes do not even have to give them a reason of why I need it, but they will do it.

Some will even call me to pray, or even send a text to let me know that they thinking of me.

I immediately feel so much better about the situation. In this post we'll attack different mechanism that can be used to monitor Azure consumptions cross-subscriptions. We will take a look on the out of the box solutions that are currently available, what are the limitations and a custom solutions that could be used for this purpose. .