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Endless Ribbon by Max Bill. See also "Endless Ribbon. " Photo by I. Peterson. Here's a photo that came out recently that caught the eye of Parabreakdown on youtube. He liked the photo so much, he decided to do a little poking around to find out the background story. Here it is. Key experts included Larry Brocke, Bruce Patterson, Chris Powter, and Fred Thiessen, who were leaders in land reclamation within the province. We interviewed many people and did further research at the Glenbow and Provincial Archives, and in the field.

The book deals with the reclamation of seismic lines, roads, gravel pits, forests, mines, energy facilities, pipelines, quarries, sulphur blocks, peat, water lines, gas plants and industrial and recreational facilities.

The graphic used to illustrate the book cover shows a reclaimed coal mine.

On the back is a photo of reclamation at a diamond mine.

Let me begin with the theory: temporary, non-renewable land use should not diminish the inherent, sustainable, renewable value of the land.

Land is natural capital.

We need to live on the interest and preserve the principal. As those of you have followed things along know, the beginning section of Trans Iowa had to be scrapped due to a small bridge closure. It could not easily be gotten around due to a lack of roads in the area. So, I scrapped the entire first leg to do another 'sketch" for a beginning sector. That has to be reconned so I don't have some other "surprise" waiting for me this Spring to reroute around. I hope to get down that way soon, as there is no snow cover and the roads look to be clear right now. There is one other issue that has been bugging me lately. Instead of a half mile of gravel we ended up seeing two miles. Na een drukke periode vol interieur inspiratie in Zweden en Duitsland vandaag weer eens wat foto's van mijn woonkamer! Onze vernieuwde woonkamer eigenlijk. want tijdens de kerstvakantie zijn we begonnen met klussen en het opfrissen van ons huis. Omdat we niet zo'n hele ruime woonkamer hebben en onze houten lockerkast naar de opgeknapte kamer van onze zoon zou verhuizen, was ik al een tijd aan het kijken voor een stijlvolle hangende wandkast waardoor de kamer ook wat ruimer zou ogen en we toch redelijk veel opbergruimte zou hebben. Ook was ik al een tijdje op zoek naar een nieuwe koffietafel. From the Bigfoot Diaries: Sasquatch Migration in Washington State? Sasquatch sightings and encounters have been occurring in and around the caves of Washington State. These extensive caves and underground tunnel systems were caused by volcanic eruptions and lava flows which occurred thousands of years ago. The hundreds of cave systems in Washington differ greatly between the western and eastern regions of the state. The western half of the state is very wet and covered in thick lush forest while the eastern side of the state is a dryer, more arid climate. Some theories suggest that the Sasquatch may migrate west to east during the fall and early Winter. The numerous underground and above ground cave systems could be a way for the Sasquatch to migrate unnoticed. Ambience decorations from Merlion Plaza to Beach Plaza. When I was teaching, my co-workers frequently referred to me as "The Energizer Bunny". I retired when I still had all that energy and for the first year of retirement, I tackled my days as if I was still on the job. But, things change. My body goes on strike after a day of gardening so gone are the lists. Nowadays I slowly "row my boat" - crafts and sewing rarely occupy my time. Playing house will always be a favorite diversion - I always seem to be moving something around. These days I get my kicks from long beach walks and the thrill of finding pieces of sea glass in rare colors. I take pleasure in simply looking at the sky and enjoying the palm trees that abound in our neighborhood. And then there is this one who is always getting in the way of my photos - I guess it's her way of saying, "put that camera down and take me to the beach!" Lulu has always had her priorities right so I'll take her on a slow walk along the beach - I can't believe the color of the water on our beach today! Slow, slow, slow your boat Gently down the beach Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily Paradise is within reach. . Every part of Texas has its own hidden treasures, and that goes for East Texas, too. Hidden deep inside the Angelina National Forest is a body of water unlike anything seen in the Pineywoods. It's the Blue Hole, a natural spring that shines as bright as any hidden treasure with its glittering, blue waters. "Being from East Texas and seeing water like this, it was just something that didn't exist," said David Frankens, the owner of the Blue Hole. But it does exist in Jasper County, and the natural spring belongs to Frankens, a Diboll native, and a handful of owners. "There's some real maturity to the Blue Hole. " That maturity that came with time and Mother Nature. "If you start looking at your natural colors here, from the water to the green pine straw to the brown straw and the brown trees, you have a lot of very natural, earth-toned colors," Frankens explained. Spent much of the morning at Seckar Wood before a walk round the lake to do my WeBS count. Wintersett Res. A Swan Goose Hybrid was feeding with the Canadas mid morning. This program provides training free of charge to attorneys who agree to counsel and/or represent a veteran/VA claimant or family member before the Veterans Court. As well as receiving the day-long training, attorneys who participate are assigned a case that has been screened for merit and provided a screening memo outlining the issues in the case. Attorneys with little or no prior veterans' law experience are generally able to capably represent an appellant before the Veterans Court provided they attend the training seminar and maintain contact with their mentor. Some cases may be resolved more quickly and some may take longer. These trainings tend to fill up quickly, so register asap. Houghton Washland was pretty much devoid of wildfowl due to the intensive shooting taking place a couple of few fields away. Some people are so kind. This here was left at the local Post Office for JG and his future brother to play with. Thanks so much, Larry. Show's Director Leo Penn. Mitch Albom's book, Tuesdays with Morrie, tells of the relationship between an old man, a younger man, and how, together, they wrestled with the various aspects of life. Even then, we continued to write one another nearly every day and I visited him every two weeks or so. I have just re-read some excerpts from his messages to me in his later years. I thought you might enjoy reading them as well. Hello Ai friends and happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a fun card using one of the Ai Girlfriends called In the Tub. I absolutely adore these ladies.

They always remind me of my crafting besties.

We giggle, laugh, and just have an amazing time of whatever we do! I colored the girlfriends with Copic markers. I also added glossy accent on the glasses, and Nuvo crystal drops on the earring. And of course, we need some glimmer, I used Wink of Stellar glitter pen. Hope you like it and thanks so much for stopping by. Have a great day! InLinkz. Yesterday I posted images of covers and pages from some of the participants in my #ARTifacts collaboration.

Today, I am sharing a few pics of my own.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . There is nothing more detrimental and emotionally devastating as the emptiness that homelessness brings. There is the old saying that home is where the heart is and this couldn't be truer for a dog named Chato, and a loving owner who cared so deeply for him. Chato and his owner were, unfortunately, evicted from their home. His owner could no longer afford to care for him, and so in a heart-wrenching decision, he surrendered the pup to Carson Animal Shelter in Gardena, California. Carson, a kill shelter with a notorious high-kill rate, is not the ideal place to surrender a dog. The shelter, which struggles with overcrowding gives dogs weeks, and sometimes even just days to find forever families before the unthinkable happens: euthanasia. A Petharbor listing for Chato reads, "My name is Chato and I am described as a neutered male, black and tan German Shepherd Dog mix. NEWSSTIME WITH BGG and Co. about that.

Crime in America is totally out of control these days, right? Every day you read about some new shooting, robbery, kidnapping etc.

, and the impression you get is that we live in an age where the streets are not safe and neither is your home. Some of this phenomenon is not crime-related at all. Rather, it is in part stemming from a cognitive bias our brains experience called the recency or availability bias. From Wikipedia, "The tendency to overestimate the likelihood of events with greater "availability" in memory, which can be influenced by how recent the memories are or how unusual or emotionally charged they may be. .