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Felicitazioni per i neo genitori e per i nonni.

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My response was learning to ask trans people what their old name was is not educating them it is responding to their curiosity, it is better to teach them that it is impolite to ask trans people about their old name. When I heard the word "Deadnaming" for the first time I thought "Wow, that is a good name for that" because it is from our past, I don't hate my old name it is just that is ten years in the past and it seems foreign to me now. I still get mail with my old name and I cringe a little when I see it. I still get some checks form stock dividends with my old name on them, I don't change my name on them because they will only reissue a stock certificate to replace a lost certificate with my old name not my legal name. I also wonder if my death certificate will list me a "female" or will they just go by what is between my legs? When we were passing the birth certificate we asked the question to our lawyers do we need legislation to make sure the death certificate doesn't list our old gender? They when back and researched the question and at the next meeting they said in their lawyer talk that they thought we didn't need to add anything to the bill because it should follow what is on their birth certificate and when questioned by us they said that In their opinion it should reflect the gender on our birth certificate. So time will tell if we are "deadgendered" in our death. IMMIGRANTS ARE AMERICA AND NO HUMAN BEING IS ILLEGAL, BECAUSE HUMANITY KNOWS NO BORDERS. Everything. But then again, they've already made that clear. At least this Scum March is socialist de Blasio's problem, and isn't happening in America. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . 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With the incorporation of the CLX, this allows us to create resistance in internal rotation and valgus stresses which further increases EMG activity in the gluteus medius in the stance leg. In this technique, open the last loop of the CLX band and place this around the upper thigh of the athlete so that the next loop is located between the legs. i'm creeping closer and closer to the beginning of the month with these book selections. and one of these months it's gonna be on the first or maybe even at the end of the month prior and you guys are gonna have a goddamn heart attack. to prove my newfound dedication to this group, i went to my local independent bookseller and purchased seven or eight interesting-looking YA novels so i can get ahead of the curve, even though i had to withstand the irl scrutiny of real human eyes who were definitely thinking "bitch you don't have this many kids. " or any, but whatever.

i get nervous when i see a book everywhere that i actually really want to succeed because man that's got to be a lot of pressure? but also HOORAY FOR ALL THIS PUBLIC PRAISE.

expectations are tough. but i read the first few pages and am already in love so angie girl i hope this sells a million copies and you get enough money to put new tires on your car or whatever your realistic goals are. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Hello crafty friends, I am back with another card made with Graciellie Design's March release. For today's card I colored the printed image with grey copic markers to give depth and to keep the flower white. For the card base I took a white card stock and inked different shades of blue on one side with Altenew Inks and splattered white gesso and black paint. I added a black glitter washi tape on one side of my card base and adhered the inked panel. I arranged the flowers with foam tape. I printed a butterfly from the 'Butterflies' stamp set and colored it with copics. So hop away and leave so love as you go. Throughout my life I have been a good reader, but during the past several years, reading has taken a back seat. Recently, I renewed my Good Reads account. Since we are already half way into February, I have been playing catch up, but enjoying every moment. and on the wall of our dining room. I really enjoyed playing with fabrics on this quilt. All blocks are hand stitched needleturn applique. I use tags instead of pins when quilting, I find it more convenient and quicker, and a handy tool for removing tags when the quilt is finished. Because of the variety of blocks, I used simple free form quilting inside the blocks, but for the borders I used for the first time the Parrs-Reel Ruler I bought at a show last year. I was taking quilt pictures outside, but the quilt was too long for the washing line. .