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Take changes, make mistakes.

That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. Note: This prayer is based on a prayer that I wrote on behalf of the Rocky Mountain Rabbinical Council in advance of the inauguration of Donald Trump. I want to thank my RMRC colleagues who made important suggestions and edits to the final version of that prayer. Opening Prayer for the Colorado House of Representatives Rabbi Joseph R. " There are some who would posit that the linking of this particular Biblical verse with the both the Presidential inauguration and the beginning of a new legislative session is not accidental. In many ways, it sums up the state of our nation. In the Biblical text, the new Pharaoh who "did not know Joseph" serves as an ominous foreshadowing of the fact that everything that the Israelites took for granted in the past no longer had any meaning. Their world was turned upside down overnight and the safety they had felt in their home had vanished. Here in America, the reality of a new administration in Washington for some brings a renewed feeling of hope and the promise of new perspectives and policies. For others, the rhetoric of radical change that we have experienced brings a sense of foreboding and grave concern.

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The KEEP Project Permaculture Enterprise Guide A new website has been launched to support anyone interested in starting or expanding their own permaculture-inspired business.

The website is the result of the Knowledge Exchange for Entrepreneurship in Permaculture research project, conducted jointly by Kingston University and the Permaculture Association Britain, and funded by the Institute for Small Business and Enterprise. A beautiful Valentine or Anniversary card! Even a Birthday for your special someone! This was one of my favorite Valentine swaps! Love Love Love! Stamps: Sealed with Love Paper: Black, White, Copper Foil Ink:Real red, Versamark Accessories: Copper embossing powder, Layering Squares Framelits, Elegant dots embossing folder. How Delicious is this! This was from my card kit last month- featuring the sweet cupcake bundle. Although it's safe to say his rally tomorrow will bring out the huge adoring crowds he thrives on and will only serve to embolden his responses defending his policies. Foster was just sitting down in his tent after a fire watch when a weapon discharged. A.

A bordo una trentina di persone, oltre all'equipaggioIl mezzo, se le condizioni meteo non peggioreranno ulteriormente, potrebbe fare nel pomeriggio il percorso inverso.

«Si invita la popolazione a tenere un atteggiamento prudente. Grazie a Vincenzo Basile vi proponiamo un video dell'operazione di approdo a Scaliddi. We may find that the only way to prevent everything from getting drastically worse is by going all in on revolution. Tap the Powers of Millions.

Received via email for entertainment purposes only.

According to the statement itself Ahoit said: "We , in turn emphasize what the president of the Kurdistan region by declaring secession in the event of Maliki 's return to power, and that the clans formally ask the local administration to transfer souls and nationality to the region in the event of the return of al - Maliki. "According to leaked reports from Iraqi political circles, the al - Maliki to return to power by seeking to form a coalition of militias popular crowd backed by Iran, as well as a small Kurdish parties in Sulaimaniyah , known also close to Iran. "For his part, he said a member of the local council in the town of Nabi Yunis in Mosul, Mohammed Hadidi, said that "Maliki 's return to power in the case has, it will serve as a new conspiracy against Iraq and to the provinces , which was delivered to the Daesh by him.

"He stressed saying that "the local officials of the province in favor of the tribes, and will have a fixed position on any return to the owners of the rule, and then for each event interview," adding that "people are all rejecting the return of al-Maliki, and can not accept this.

So many interesting happenings following the death of a North Korean man in KL International Airport - he happened to be the step-brother of North Korea's leader. now VX for a North Korean. My long time readers know I've been making art with Lucy from day one. From riding on my back while I filmed online classes to letting her create with me in the studio, it's been a priority to share the art making process with my daughter. As I have mentioned in the past it is important for both my husband and I to incorporate Lucy into as many creative projects as possible. And while it makes no difference to us if Lucy grows up to be an artist, we do want her to be a creative thinker.

I believe creativity and the ability to think in a creative way is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children and while I am always evolving as an artist and mama, I am learning so much as I watch her develop her own voice.

I love finding projects that Lucy and I can both get excited about. alexandra-loesser I was heading down the mountain feeling really good. My truck was running after a morning of not, and the sun was shining. I had a list of work checked off, took some time to really focus on my eyebrow game, and had gotten dressed up nice enough for an evening out with friends just for a trip to get some fuel and groceries. I like looking like I tried. I do it because it makes me feel better. When you work from home it is easy to go hours in what you usually only wear to sleep or work out in. My hair was greasy under a fleece cap. My face and lips a mess of fighting off a cold, peeling dry skin, and ruthless chapping. But half an hour in the bathroom and some slightly-looser jeans and I was feeling glad enough to crank up the truck's speakers and sing along with My Girl Friday. JIMMY FALLON: I saw that today at the White House President Trump had lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. And out of respect for the prime minister, Trump decided to eat his Doritos using chopsticks. President Trump actually greeted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with a hug. Trump said he would have bowed but it wasn't like he was meeting Vladimir Putin or anything. BOWING is used to mock Trump?Obama was the master at bowing before leaders. JIMMY FALLON: Of course, another big story is Trump's travel ban. Earlier today, he defended the ban by saying, quote, 'Even a bad high school student would support it. .