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Diane tatted more of Eightsome Reel from A Pattern Book of Tatting by Mary Konior.

After her trip to Alabama she started back in on St Patrick's day themed Ice Drops. Fox finished the doily in blue, omitting the last row to leave a more masculine design that to her eye looks mildly heraldic. She started on another in green, this time using two different colours of beads. Marie made another necklace for her Garden Collection using an old pendant from Italy.

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A Marathon man was arrested after stalking and threatening a Marathon couple. While working for the victim, he reportedly injured his knee.

The victim said he offered to have Collins' knee looked at afterward.

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I promised posts this week that will help you save money and find resources for your preschool and child care programs.

In my opinion, there is no greater resource than your local Child Care Resource and Referral. It's also great to know who to call when you have a question, which can save a ton of time that I would otherwise spend searching for answers online. If you aren't sure if your area has a CCR&R you can find out by using the CCR&R Search on Child Care Aware's website. "Chiquita Banana" walkaround. These days while being introduced I proclaim, "Shake the hand of the man who shook the hand of our President!. They don't make chariots today like they used to. Yesterday I quilted this beautiful bow tie quilt which Carla made. She participated in a bow tie block swap do all the quilters had the same blocks to work with. Siberian Iris quilting with Maple Omni thread. I stared at Mary's Buffalo Bubblegum quilt to figure out a quilting plan. I finally gave up and this morning I got Loretta's quilt ready to load. Today I packed up my sewing machine and spent the day with Quilters United. 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