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Gettin' the Band back together again.

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A lot of people couldn't attend during November and December due to the weather or visiting out of town or whatever.

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There is nothing snobbish about seeking out the best that has been thought and said.

What it is, as noted earlier, is elitist, a word in our egalitarian age in even worse odor, perhaps, than snobbery. As Epstein makes clear, the words are not synonyms. All of us are snobs, pro or con, about something, whether spaghetti carbonara or Ellington's Sacred Concerts. Observation: As Moses is getting ready to build the Tabernacle, God told him exactly what to build and how to build it. He also told him who to use in the construction of every part of the building and the furnishings. It says that God had put skill and intelligence into those who were to do the work. Application: God gives us the people, the provision, and the pattern to do what He has called us to do. He will raise up the right leaders, the right builders, the right givers, etc. Instead of leaning on our own understanding, we need to seek God, who has the ability to send us everything and everyone we need to do His will. When it is about our will and what we want, He is not obligated to make it happen. We need to seek God about what He wants and then proceed. Prayer: Lord God Almighty, help me to seek You more and more about every detail of my life and ministry. Observation: Here God is reminding the people of Israel of the promises He made them and how they responded in unbelief. According to this text, God had gone before them in fire by night and a cloud by day, yet they didn't believe the word of the Lord when it came to defeating enemies and taking possession of the Promised Land. In spite of God doing everything He had done, the people still did not believe Him. Application: I have witnessed God do so many miracles in my life it is incredible, yet when things get in a pinch and I don't see a way out, I still believe my own report instead of His. I am guilty of not believing the word of the Lord so many times because I didn't think it was possible. I need to believe the word of the Lord instead of my own brain. Prayer: Lord, help me to lean on You and to trust You more and more every day. Teach me to walk by faith and not by sight. Help me to live a life of faith and not a life of simply existing.

You have given me much to do, help me to trust that You will bring it to pass.

I need You! Yours, Jeff. Observation: God promised Moses and the people of Israel that He was sending an angel who would lead them and guard them as they journeyed to the Promised land. God had prepared a place for His people and even assigned an angel to make sure His people got where they were suppose to get. Application: When God has an assignment for you, He will make sure you are provided for on the journey. He will make sure we are brought to the place He has prepared for us. Just as he sent and angel to guard and to guide the children of Israel, we can rest assured that God will do the same for us as we follow after Him.

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Where he guides, He provides. Prayer: Father, help me to follow Your voice as You lead me to the place you have prepared for me. Teach me to walk in confidence that You are guiding me and providing for me on the journey to where You are taking me. I trust You, but I want to trust You more. Yours Forever, Jeff. Embed from Getty Images. You may remember that last month was the closing date for an EU consultation on the taxation of manufactured tobacco products. The EU being the meddling EU, this naturally included their initial fumbling towards abusing e-cigs by taxing those too. despite the devices and the liquid not containing any "manufactured tobacco" whatsoever. The first results of the consultation have now been made available here, and there are some interesting discussion points. So today's vitally important 'public health' message from our cash-starved 'austerity' government was about the colour of toast. Yes, really. Bread, chips and potatoes should be cooked to a golden yellow colour, rather than brown, to reduce our intake of a chemical which could cause cancer, government food scientists are warning. Acrylamide is produced when starchy foods are roasted, fried or grilled for too long at high temperatures. If you're a hypochondriac - and/or are gullible with no understanding of risk whatsoever - you will naturally be terrified on hearing this new information. Izinkondlo: Ngivumele ngihambe. Emhlabeni ngifikile njengelanga, Ngaliphila ixesha lami njengasekuseni kuya emini, Kepha manje sekuyisikhathi sokuba ngiyosithela ezintabeni, Usuku lwami seluphelile, Amathunzi ayangixosha sekumele ngiyocambalala emahlabathini, Nyezi wami lelizwe ngilishiya kuwe ukuba ulikhanyise ebumnyameni, Mina sengizobona ngamehlo akho sibani sami, Sala ungibekele kahle izulu lami, Ungibekele iso emhlabeni, Ungibhekele emathunzini nasemathafeni laph' ebengiphumula khona, Dedel' isandla sami ngifulathele, Ndlela zami zivuleka sengibona ngamehlo enqondo phambili, Ngidondolozela ngidonsa kanzima, Ngiphefumula ngephika sengibamba umoya wokugcina, Ziphuma zizehlela ezihlathini ngingenamandla okuzesula, Ngikubheka ukhala ungishushuzela njengomntwana ungeke usangibamba ungivimbe kulendlela, Ungeke wangisiza uthanda ungathandi nakuwe sekuphele imizamo, Ungibuka ngiphelela ezandleni zakho, Ubona ngiqhaqhazela, Sengakubuka ngakugqolozela, Ngigodola ngigqokile, Uhlavane lundlangile emzimbeni selwakhile, Ngigedezela ngiquma ngibubula, Ngichanyiswa ngiqukulwa ngitatanyiswa, Endlini encane ngiphekezelwa ngixhakiwe, Emtholampilo ngiyiswa ngigqutshwa sekwasala umndondo, Ngitshathwa njengo godo, Ogogo bephuma bengena bezongidungula, Kudla ngifunzwa, Mzimba ngigezwa, Kubongwe ngivukile ekuseni ngalibona liphuma lishona, Ngibanjwa ngibuthwa nezibi, Ngigwiliza esizibeni ngingasenawo amandl' okubhukuda Ngicwila ngishona phansi ngingeke ngazenyusa, Sengibheka ngacwebile amehlo angakhali ngisho nonyembezi, Ungibheka ububule uklinywe isibibithwane usidinde esikaNandi, Ngikuthulise ngenhliziyo nangaphakathi, Amandl' ami sekuphele nawokucwayiza, Ngingeke ngakuthulisa ngomlomo, Zingishaqa kabuhlungu izinhlungu, Sebethandazela koPhezulu ukuba angethule lomthalo wezinhlungu, Bemnxenxa ukuba ephethe indlela yami okungenani engithathe, Uvumelana nabo ngekhanda, Keph' ngenhliziy' uyenqaba, Uthi asimcelele eliny' ithuba, Mhlampe ubesengaphila, Keph' uyayibon' inyan' iyaphika, Inyama icubekile, Namathambo asebuthakathaka, Emzimbeni sengiphundlekile ngishayekile, Sale usuvuma ukuthi sengithathekile, Ngokuba nami sengivumile, Kepha enhliziyweni yakho ngisabambekile, Ngidedele ubavumele bengithandazele bengicelele ukuba ngijubalale, Ngivumele ngilale,. .