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The next verse gives the characteristics of these ungodly people. Grumbling and faultfinding is stock in trade for the world. However, Christians who work in the world find it easy to pick up the practice. Instead of providing light, we collect the darkness. Photo by I. Peterson. A Utah traffic camera captured something weird, that some believe is an image of a bigfoot crossing a highway. Check it out:. This one cannot be opened but is anticipated. We know what the gift is but we don't know exactly when it will arrive. Some time in the spring and before summer…possibly in May. Everything looks fine with the baby. Now we can shop for boy stuff. The southern Western GhatsUropeltids are the Darwin's Finches of snakes. They have radiated spectacularly across an archipelago of "sky islands", reaching their highest diversity and endemism in the mountain ranges of India's southern tip. These volcanic mountains run parallel to the coast, creating a rain shadow of dry plains to the east and generating torrential rainfall within their hills as trade winds blow monsoonally wet air northeast from the Arabian Sea.

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in diretta dalla Palma. Still Life with two green pears.

Can be displayed with or without a frame.

Buy on Etsy . We'll have to wait and see. By the way, Schaub is generally respected by his co-workers at KCBS but his occasional heavy-handedness rubs many folks the wrong way. Maybe time to pipe down the ego, Jeffster. Not his style. Of course, Ronn is one-tenth the talent of Savage and Savage has balls, something Ronn used to have but lost long ago.

A master story teller who provides riveting radio and thought-provoking tapestries even if he occasionally goes off too deep into the broadcasting wilderness.

It's a treat to listen to his show and you do have to LISTEN to get his appeal.

Hello Ai friends and happy Monday! Today I'm sharing a fun card using one of the Ai Girlfriends called In the Tub.

I absolutely adore these ladies. They always remind me of my crafting besties. We giggle, laugh, and just have an amazing time of whatever we do! I colored the girlfriends with Copic markers. I also added glossy accent on the glasses, and Nuvo crystal drops on the earring. And of course, we need some glimmer, I used Wink of Stellar glitter pen. Hope you like it and thanks so much for stopping by. y. ICELAND GULL at Milton c. The Cool Treats Bundle is also a personal favorite. I paired this with the small words from the Thoughtful Banners stamp set. La muse NEWTON-JOHN inspire toujours les DJs. et c'est rassurant au passage !Zitadellicious vient de revisiter le MAGIC extrait de la B. O XANADU. TOTALLY WHAT ?. Side note: post was supposed to go out early release to backers but accidentally went to general release. We apologize to the backers, but it got a lot of attention in the short time that it was out, so we think it is best at this point to just keep it out there. We'll fix this for future posts. Bond wires are in general disarray and the die is dirty: However, no obvious silicon damage. Ed ancora:Offerta quota associativa trimestrale €. €. In a last-minute visual reminder, a large crowd of hunters wearing blaze orange and camouflage lined the path between lawmakers' offices and the Capitol. Much has been made of Trump's assertion that he would give favorable consideration to Christians from Muslim countries. This point deserves emphasis: The executive action, "Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States," targets seven nations: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. Trump has no business interests in those countries. S. in more than two decades. They are among the Muslim-majority countries not affected by Trump's immigration freeze, but where Trump does business. " More at NPR. I love going on quilt retreats however I have found them more challenging with my MS. First, the noise! I love being a room full of quilters but that is never quiet.

It takes a lot of energy to process constant stimulation like this and it happens when I go to other workshops.

So I try to keep my projects simple. I know I'll have difficulty focusing and that I will tire quickly so I avoid projects that require a lot of thought. On one side of the debate are those who think the word can only refer to a ridge of land separating rivers and streams flowing in one direction from those flowing in the opposite direction. That's the term's original meaning, one probably borrowed in the translation of the German Wasserscheide. On the other side of the argument are those who think watershed can also apply to the area through which such divided water flows. To General Dunford. Because we all know your love for butterflies. Do not fear or panic or be in dread of them, for the Lord your God is he who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies, to give you the victory'". Observation: When God's people were going into battle and the enemy was much larger and stronger than them, they were told not to let their hearts faint because the Lord our God was going to fight with them and give them the victory. Application: When we face things that seem insurmountable, we must realize we have a Father who loves is and is more than ready and able to fight our battles. He is able to bring victory no matter how bad things look. So many times in Scripture God defeated the enemy on behalf of His people.

We must learn to walk in the confidence that He will defeat our enemies every time as long as we are walking with Him.

Prayer: Father, increase my confidence in You. Help me to realize that You have never let me down or failed me. Help me to realize in my hear of hearts that You are for me and that You will take care of me, no matter what goes on around me. Digital provides significant opportunities for business growth, also brings unprecedented risks to cause business fall. Never before has IT and business been so closely tied together. Never before has technology moved more quickly and missteps have larger trajectory impacts on every aspect of the business. " IT will not "be the business" if it does not focus on the top prioritized business initiatives. For me stamping is like therapy. It adjusts my mood instantly! I have some Stamp of the Week cards for you today. Have you joined yet? You can sign up HERE. So many amazing stamps!! Wonderful Things by Lisa Arana makes me dang happy just reading it. Hello AI fans!! Dana, here with two cards featuring the Feline set. I wanted to use up some pattern paper that I had on my desk! For both cards I stamped the cat image on watercolor cardstock. Then I used my Distress Markers to color them, I used: Black Soot, Pumice Stone, Ground Espresso. Then I trimmed off the top part of the watercolor cardstock. For the first card I added the triangle pattern paper to a white card base and then added the cat with foam tape. Then I stamped the sentiment above the cat, luckily it worked out that the area was free of the gold triangle. They ink would have smeared on the gold foil! The other pattern paper is the same color but a different pattern with gold foil. I added the cat with foam tape a little bit higher on the card. I stamped the sentiment on vellum cardstock. To attached the vellum I used some polka dot washi tape, tucking it under the image a little. Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Stamping!! InLinkz. Interesting. This, unfortunately, is not the case. Hello there, today I am sharing another Nailed It project from our training event back in January. I still love the Hardwood background stamp even though its been around for a while, so useful for this type of project. The Washi tape and paper around the centre of the card adds a touch of extra colour to the project. I kept the inside of the card simple with a stamped sentiment and the tools stamped in Basic Grey. As with the card I shared on Monday, the tools are paper pieced together with Crumb Cake and Smoky Slate card stock. I hope you enjoy this make and I will be back with another one on Friday. Sunday.

what a laid back day at la casa Foresee.

I'm gonna be honest, I spent the majority of the day doing laundry.

Yeah, that is right, I had sooo much laundry that I could fill an entire morning, afternoon, and evening a washing and a drying. then a folding! Please do not judge me. I was so proud as I put away those last pair of socks, then I went to look at the laundry room and could see the floor! I. I've been meaning to create some new hedges and undergrowth for a while as current stock was looking a bit tired. Painting tends to take precedent but some inspiration from the garden set me off on a creative tangent. Would you believe that it occasionally gets a bit damp here in South Wales, it was a shock to me too.

Well one hitherto rather useless by product of that in my garden is moss growing up the fence and shed.

In clearing things up I peeled it away and thought I'd see whether it could be of use. Given that there was no soil beneath it most of it came away in large pieces and it dried overnight. .