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The Husband gave me several of these for Christmas, knowing how much I enjoy them. It takes place over Valentine's Day, though that's incidental and not a key element. I enjoyed a passing reference to Django Reinhardt's Douce Ambience, which you can listen to here: from the book:He'd grown up with the music of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France, and the music you grew up with stayed with you for the rest of your life, dating you as surely as any birth certificate. The RMSO checks out an area of bigfoot activity on the Idaho/Utah border. Here's a couple of the strangest bigfoot encounter storytellings I've ever heard. Enjoy. Who knew this Hispanic city was such a hotspot for southern fried goodness? You'll find all the standard country fare at this cute cafe: biscuits and sausage gravy, fried okra, mashed potatoes, etc. but once you sink your teeth into their chicken fried steak, you'll never order anything else. The cut of meat is so plump and full-bodied, and it's breaded just right to not lose that tenderness in an ocean of crust. Hello all! After all that Skullduggery, we're back to more normal service with a quick meadow flower tag for you today.

You saw the background for this in the XOX Oxides post, and this tag came about just as a bit of playtime with those backgrounds.

This time we've gone in the direction of my favourite meadowgrasses, rather than the more masculine look of Hats Off to Distress Oxides. For me, so far, that's the real joy of the new Distress Oxides. getting the interplay between their chalky softness and the more intense colour of the original versions. And because the background is basically the point here, the rest of this tag is really very simple. LIPARI SERVICE di Salvatore NatoliVia S. Il forte vento ha spezzato un ramo degli alberi che si trovano all'interno del parco giochi di Diana. Per le foto grazie a Enza Marturano. Christian Del Bono Ai figli e ai familiari tutti le condoglianze di Eolienews. We have a sneak preview of a new interactive toy by PetSafe® Frolicat® that we'll review tomorrow. We'll also host a giveaway for this amazing item.

Stay tuned.

Brulee introduces the Frolicat® Fox Den. The way Emma framed her photo gives us clues about how she created this card. Love the sponged background and her beautiful coloring. Hope you'll stop by Emma's blog and leave her some love for her work as a guest designer. This was her first time as a DT member and she was fabulous!. Fred Logan, John Caroll, Smokey Jones, Alonzo Dever, Mickey Greer and Bill Woodcock. I'll still have fun, laugh my ass off occasionally and delight to the lemmings who continue to troll me. Keep at it, don't slow down and take a long walk on a short pier. FLABSLAB has collaborated with Richard Page of UME Toys to produce an original sculpt that is not an appropriation of an existing licence! "BUTTER BEE" is it's name, and it "floats like a butterfly, sting like a bee. The hands can't hit what the eyes can't see. "FLABSLAB: "Doing cute stuff is something we hardly do. Resistance is futile. why? The rhetorical questions I keep asking seem logical and easy to answer to a conservative, but somehow libtards don't "get it. Is this in any way productive for the citizens of this country? To his credit, Sean Spicer is not accepting the premises Mr. Karl is putting forth. Always remember to not accept false premises. and remember All news is fake news until proven otherwise. I'm struck by Carrier's unquesitons self-confidence when he opines about technical fields in which he has no expertise. He doesn't have a doctorate in cosmology or astrophysics or biology or any cognate disciplines. Like most of us, he has a layman's understanding of science. v. For all their talk about civil liberties, it really shows what potential totalitarian monsters these people are. I was recently watching a documentary that described the engineering and design of bridges. There really was no cookie cutter recipe. For the most part, each bridge was a custom design job that resulted from the engineering best practices at the time it was designed, the available materials, and the opinions of the engineers. Sounds a lot like the software development. One thing that didn't sound like software at all was the attitude toward maintenance. The bridge engineers all had respect for the original design and applied their skills to maintain it. They would incorporate new techniques and materials where it supported the intent of the original designers, but there was no push to "refactor" the bridge. As a result the bridges keep working, fulfilling their original purpose and providing value every day. Imagine how this might be different if each new engineer on the project came in and said "This bridge design is crap. They countered that it wasn't the same thing. They said they just enjoyed their martinis, and it wasn't like a drug at all. I didn't do any accusing, personally. My parents didn't have martinis. Or the occasional glass of wine. Or anything else, except once a year when they'd uncap the fusty old bottle of cheap Taylor sherry and have themselves a little nip. When it came to the proper acquisition of bad habits, my parents were horrible role models. Nevertheless I soldiered on. I didn't like beer. Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. We are excited by the timing where we are right now. We were so excited that we had anticipated it being the celebration call for the Big Call tonight. It may still happen. We are waiting for heads up and possibly getting the toll free numbers to give out. We can do it live on the call if that makes it in time before we end the call. If not, we will put it out as a pre-recorded celebration call on the Big Call website which is:thebigcall. This whole CC is in MY OPINION … this is a speculative investment. Iraq continues to advance into Mosul … and we were expecting a bonus … "Raqqa – which is in Syria"The fact that Iraq went across their border … and bombed in Syria … that's amazing … which we talked about last week. Iraq can offer a VALUE of security and stability. This value is represented by that INTERNATIONAL strike within Syria. I've been so incredibly busy this past month. So busy, that I haven't been able to post here on the blog. My manuscript for my next book Crafting A Patterned Home came back to me after I re-wrote things in January. I had a week to turn it around this time. This is the last time I will see it until after the copy editor reviews it and I have to answer questions about it. It's a big hurdle I just got over and I am relieved. I think it is reading nicely. I hope you all will like it. In addition to the class I am also offering Creative Consulting Sessions and today I am giving away a free spot in the class and a free consulting session to one of you! See below for all of the information. These sessions are for those of you who need inspiration to move forward, need advice, ideas and practical guidance for your creative goals. The plan was simple: make a card - have lunch - go to work at the library.

Just as I started stamping lemons and limes the dishwasher repairman came.

I headed downstairs to discuss the problem then left him with the big guy to work it all out. Soon there was a request from the kitchen. Insurance Once you've sorted out your flights or ship crossing get your travel insurance - it will cover you if anything goes wrong before your trip starts so there's no benefit in leaving it to the last minute. If you're taking laptops and phones you might need additional cover. When you arrive at the US airport if it's your first visit to the US you'll probably be directed through the 'first visit on an Esta' passport check. Flying I flew with Virgin Atlantic and the option for at-seat charging was an odd-looking small hosepipe affair that required a UK to US adaptor to work, fortunately I had one in my carry-on bag and was able to lend it to someone else who needed one. There are SO many Magic Tree House books in the series, that when we do this as a guided reading book study, I let students choose ANY book they like! First, we spend lots of time reading and enjoying the books- anywhere in the classroom! After the book has been read, students work at their own pace doing activities that go with the ANY book in the series! There are pages that focus on story elements, character traits, and their favorite character in the story. There are activities that delve into the genre of Magic Tree House books- how they are adventures and how they are fantasies! Lots of activities delve into the story, where they describe the setting, story events, the characters in the adventure, and how Jack & Annie return home again.

So, I turned on C-SPAN and saw coverage of the Women's March on Washington.

It's Madonna.

Yeah, no. This is not for me. I can't relate to these women. I'm awake.

Equality House, the base for North Staffordshire's Racial Equality Council is not an easy place to find.

Tucked away down Raymond Street on the outskirts of Hanley, it's a road unknown to Stoke taxi drivers and SatNav alike. .