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Unfortunately the boss has been in checking the balance and found it short.

Artist approved! Last Sunday I sent out an e-mail to all of the T. I. Well, here you can see an example of why I was asking that. This rendering is the design for the proposed t-shirt.

So, a little background here.

Back in the earlier daze of Trans Iowa's history, I would get post card entries for the event from a guy named Gary Cale. I'm very sorry but I hope you understand. Here is a list with my favorite CC Creators. Thanks for watching. Have a good game!! Have fun!!!. Historically, the Texas legislature doesn't like to tell Texans what they can buy or sell. Phil Huang says those health concerns take a toll on the state budget. It vastly outweighs the amount Texas takes in taxes on cigarettes. He is the rock that I cling to, My shelter in a storm. He can make the birds sing, And shadows take bright form. Whenever I am lonely, whenever I have fears, I call His name out softly, And I know that HE hears. Free Elephant Rides!. I had the Howdahs made small so as not overload the elephants.

Loyal-Repenski Riding Act!.

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It's a bed size - I love all the pretty pastels she used.

I quilted a simple feather in each heart and looped the background.

Is this backing a perfect choice? Vicky and her sister also made this sweet triangle quilt for their other sister's new baby, Miss Rose.

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That's right.

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He wears a creased suit and a defeated expression, and staring into the drink his mind races with what might have been.

This was the London Road Ale House on Friday evening, and the gentleman concerned was Mick Harold, the chair of the local UKIP branch. When Tristram Hunt announced his resignation, Harold must surely have thought he was in with a shout of taking the seat. With a low turn out, with Jeremy Corbyn in the leader's office, with a government paralysed by indecision and dithering, and the media hype machine bigging up UKIP, there, right there, was his chance to hit the big time. And it was taken from him without so much as a thank you. Pausing only to disentangle himself from a parachute, the moment UKIP leader Paul Nuttall appeared at the North Staffs Hotel for Friday night's selection meeting, it was all over for anyone else's ambitions. .