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Judy Note: The news up to the early morning hours of Feb.

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. You can write a letter of support and address it to the State Historic Preservation Office. Here's a link to a suggested letter. New York State Division for Historic Preservation Peebles Island State Park P. O. Seven performers with identikit cream outfits climb about the Escher-like staircases before resting on their chaise-longues in dark eyries overlooking the central ground-level stage. Whenever a character is required on the main stage, the relevant Wilde clone slips down the stairs, and dons a simple accessory to take on their new role. Two names, two identities, and the seeds are quickly sown for later confusion. The set is dark, the costumes cream and the mellow lighting adds to the sepia feel of the production. The farcical encounters flow in the longer second half until a series of revelations bring the final act to its eponymous conclusion. I case you did not know it, Mr. David Brooks, The New York Times' chief Conservative political thinker and America's most tedious moralizing machine, is a very delicate soul. For example, you might remember that just four years ago he needed to have his personal fainting couch reupholstered with Kevlar because politics was so very mean and awful! From Mr. I failed to read the label before bringing them home. Good thing they were uber cheap. Last week Digiorno pizzas were on sale.

We've been eating them for years and it never, ever occurred to me to read the label.

This time I did. Holy guacamole - mechanically separated chicken was an ingredient. It is sometimes called "white slime" as an analog to meat-additive pink slime and to meat extracted by advanced meat recovery systems, both of which are different processes. The process entails pureeing or grinding the carcass left after the manual removal of meat from the bones and then forcing the slurry through a sieve under pressure. .