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It's time for another of those, 'this is how it worked' type of posts.

This particular regiment had only one militia battalion but many regiments had more than one. Both battalions drew numbers from their own regimental number sequences, there was no cross-over.

On the other hand, if a man wanted to join the army as a career soldier he would arrive at the same regimental depot and would be issued with a number from the series used by both of the regular battalions.

Typically, his army career would begin with the issue of the regimental number and kit at the regimental depot followed by three months' intensive training followed by a posting to the home battalion. Learning his trade there for a further eighteen months or so he would then, in all likelihood be posted to the overseas battalion in one of the British Empire's far-flung outposts - and most likely, India. This switching between depot and regular battalions did not impact on a man's regimental number. He retained this number throughout his army career, and it was still retained for him when he joined the army reserve. If he extended his period of reserve service for a further four years as a Section D Reservist, the number would still be his as and when he was recalled to the colours. eleven. i look at her and marvel every day. kind. smart. From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe: After several weeks of silence from the local Bigfoots, we have a new witness report from my friend, Coralee. In this video, Coralee shares her recent experience, up the trail, where she heard an amazing and unmistakable vocalization, as well as another account, from the same area, she experienced this last spring. Then we finish off with a little bonus footage at the end. Rob McConnell sits down with legendary bigfoot investigator Robert W. Check it out:. Source:. Contact us for Details and Process for B. Tech Fees Structure of Nagarjuna College of Engineering. Tech course structure and B. Tech Admission details and other details. The institute is one of the best engineering colleges, teaching excellent technical education. Contact us for Details and Process for B. Tech Fees Structure of Nagarjuna College of Engineering. La condanna, a questo punto diventa definitiva. . P. The B-B-E Jaguars girls' and boys' basketball teams traveled into the heart of Todd County today for a doubleheader against the Browerville/Eagle Valley Tigers. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa boys basketball, belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. You can be assured that your local shelter is in the same fix. For the moment, The Bastard President's obscene Muslim ban is dead in the cold, cold ground. Yes, it will be back after his scuttlefish attorneys nip and tuck and tailor it as best they can, but for the moment the courts have forced Trump to bend to their will. These days, we celebrate what we can, when we can. . when the road's washed out they pass the bottle around and wait in the arms of the cold cold ground cold cold ground. A spoken-word piece appropriate now that all of us are suspects. All'Amministratore Delegato e Direttore Generale di Poste Italiane, Francesco Caio. Al Ministro Per Lo Sviluppo Economico, Claudio Calenda. nel territorio delle Isole Eolie, in particolare nell'isola di Stromboli e nella frazione di Ginostra, registra, da alcuni mesi, notevoli ritardi e mancati recapiti che provocano seri disagi e danni ai destinatari. La maggior parte delle bollette delle varie utenze vengono consegnate, quando va bene, ben oltre il termine di scadenza dei pagamenti. Tale situazione danneggia fortemente i cittadini eoliani che spesso sono costretti a corrispondere sanzioni e subire riduzioni o interruzioni di servizi. Fiduciosi in un vostro autorevole intervento, ringraziamo e attendiamo riscontro. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Two explanations from the Explain Like I'm Five subreddit: "Imagine I took a standard piece of paper. This is called a signature. A book is typically made up of several signatures. If I add one page, I have no way to attach it.

You can imagine if I stick the page in and just glue the end, it will easily fall out.

Asha on Serenity On the Plains of Doubt Lie the bleached bones of Those who, on the dawn of a Great Victory In their Lives… Lie Down To Rest. Trump. You all know what he's doing, because he is attracting a great deal of attention with his pronouncements and directives, and so on and so on.

You heard more from our Master Reporters.

He will face consequences for whatever dark actions he has done. There is a reason I am telling you that bit of trivia. I am not a gambler. If I have money to risk, I usually toss it into the maw of the New York Stock Exchange. Slot machines, roulette wheels, and baccarat tables are not my road to perdition. I was at the casino for only one reason. Nancy, Roy, and their respective mothers were there for a prize drawing. I had tagged along with the sole expectation of finishing my post. Every good adventure tale requires an exotic destination. El Dorado. The Celestial City. Mordor. Shangi-La. And if a few pieces of gold, a dragon, and trolls are thrown in along the way, a rollicking tale it shall be. We took one of those journeys together in gold on the beach, where we discovered a deserted beach with its own eerie history. Alas, there were no dragons or trolls. Finding the destination was easy. There is a "Playa de Oro" sign on the main highway directing the acolyte conquistador to the promised "X. J. , USA: The R&A and the USGA have unveiled a preview of the proposed new Rules of Golf, as part of a joint initiative to modernise the Rules and make them easier to understand and apply.

David Rickman, Executive Director – Governance at The R&A, said, "Our aim is to make the Rules easier to understand and to apply for all golfers.

We have looked at every Rule to try to find ways to make them more intuitive and straightforward and we believe we have identified many significant improvements.

Observation: In this passage, Jesus tells His disciples that they need to take up their cross and follow Him.

He doesn't promise them that everything will be great if they follow Him. He tells them they may need to lay down their life for His sake, but that if they do, they will find real life. Application: The cost of following Jesus and doing what He says is never too high. Whatever the cost of following Christ and how inconvenient it may be for us now is worth the eternal glory of obedience to Him.

We must be willing to lay down our lives, then we will experience real life.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. The last normal Saturday of our lives began as usual. Her last peaceful sleep in. for awhile yet at least. I told Gary out in the barn during chores that I reckoned I'd take Ellen in to the walk-in clinic in Buffalo and have them do a blood sugar test on her, that way I wouldn't have to pick her up from school on Tues and be late for supper and all. He agreed that would be better.

I naively made a shopping list and figured we'd stop by the library as well, so she could pick out her own books.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. It's only credible when it involves Russia. It's not much, but they're still being paid. Enough said. Management at Mondelez, offshore based owners of the now seriously tarnished, once iconic chocolate brand will be glad to be removing themselves from such ignorance based ranting. That sort of rubbish is never going to influence anyone and certainly not hard headed business leaders. The shouty little guy might have had another agenda, possibly something aligned to his future in his other job but as somehow being of any value as advocacy for workers facing winter in a job queue, it would have to be a fail. I know an educated man might get shouty and make a mistake in the heat of the moment but a few facts were obviously being ignored, by this guy who is rumoured to have another better paying job, but reverted to full union retard mode as he made meaningless statements that will do zilch for the people now facing redundancy. The fellows and I had a trial game of "Pickett's Charge" planned for this weekend, but the NCAA tournament has forced us to reschedule. In anticipation of the game, I painted up eight more aides de camp and based them on Litko's pill shaped bases. These are really generals, as their cuff braid and button placement indicates. I think these are all from Sash and Saber, and the poses are very nice. I love checking out Pinterest or Instagram for decorating ideas and trends and I have noticed a lot of open shelves in kitchens, and other places as well. I live in a dusty area and would have to clean and dust quite often to keep everything looking sparkling and clean! I love the idea of books and utensils within easy reach and the everyday staples like flour and grains sitting there not only looking pretty but ready for use. .