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Starting the morning with brunch, then games, hockey, supper and gifts. So we settled in for a relaxing snow day. So we asked to borrow the truck, got it loaded and headed out. A new look at the famous Independence Day footage showing a supposed bigfoot and a baby.

Iacona Custom Cycles releases the Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is fabricated to attach on the Sportster primary cover in an easy-to-reach location, thus cleaning up the engine cradle area.

The switch is used for custom Sportsters and OEM stock replacements. The Fuggedaboutit Ignition Switch is fabricated to attach on the Sportster primary cover in an easy-to-reach location, thus cleaning up the engine cradle area. " The switch features an off/on/start with return-to-run position. It works like an automotive ignition switch and can be very easily installed, with all necessary wiring directions and installation hardware included. About Iacona Custom CyclesIacona Custom Cycles is a Brooklyn, NY based customizer specializing in building, fabricating, and servicing Harley Davidson motorcycles. Their mission is to build the most unique, innovative and high quality motorcycles and motorcycle parts available today. I've got lots to show you today so going to keep the chatter to a minimum. and a full office move to an upstairs spare room. Who needed more boxes right now, ME? errr nope – urgh! HAHAHA. But we are both now settled in our new areas and I am sooo happy with my new office which has some modern furniture now and bit more character. YAY. Check out this book from author John Coster. It's getting some fantastic reviews by readers. This book chronicles a series of strange events that happen in western Massachusetts after a woman hiking in a forest sees a manlike creature assumed to be a white Sasquatch. Though the narrative momentum of the story builds in ways suggestive of a novel, this is not a work of fiction. One might call it interpretive nonfiction because the story, like the white Sasquatch itself, seems to connect the inner and outer worlds of the main characters. It also raises questions about our place in the natural world and the limits of our scientific understanding. This is not just a book for Bigfoot enthusiasts. It is a story for anyone interested in the possibility that different realities can converge in ways not fully understood either by psychologists or followers of the natural sciences. taisun. A couple of translations of recently released Brontë-related books. Samantha Whipple po przedwczesnej śmierci ojca według powszechnej opinii staje się dziedziczką skarbu w postaci licznych pamiętników, obrazów, listów oraz rękopisów powieści pozostawionych przez znane przedstawicielki rodu Brontë. Wedle spekulacji znawców i miłośników tematu otrzymała te skarby w spadku po swojej rodzinie, która od lat skrzętnie skrywa je przed światem. Samantha tymczasem żyje w przekonaniu, że nic takiego nie istnieje, a wszystkie te domysły można włożyć między bajki. Gdy podejmuje studia na Oksfordzie, przekonuje się jednak, że mityczne przedmioty z przeszłości istnieją. Główną rolę w jej życiu zaczynają odgrywać stare książki z odręcznymi notatkami ojca. Per visualizzarlo cliccare su questo link. The suspects are black female Lanae Hoskins and black male James Harris. Upon the officer's arrival they were told that Hoskins and Harris were at the residence when they stole an undisclosed amount of money and a vehicle at gun point, fleeing from the residence with the child. Shop For Texas Products The vehicle is described to have dark tint windows, stock rims and minimal damage to the right front driver and passenger doors. acidcow.

I planned an entire series of posts for this week thinking "It's February, everyone's been cooped up inside all winter and we need to MOVE.

This particular activity is one of my favorite ways to encourage children who don't typically choose to participate in art activities to join us for art - drawing or painting to music. I always start by covering a table with a large piece of paper, which allows for free movement and collaboration, and minimizes the "that's my paper!" arguments. Then I select a playlist.

The Piano Guys are my personal favorite for a mix in tempos and styles, and they are available on CD or you can stream their channel on Pandora.

I mean, the week is practically over already and this was the first time I had to double check my dates. Baby boy is growing and so is my belly. I'm feeling good! Sleeping fair, but mostly because of Porter and his nighttime antics. Not the weather, but the convention! It is almost time. To me this is my most favorite wargame convention of all time.

Just when the winter is at its most dreary and spring is not yet here Cold Wars arrives to cheer me up.

To me it is ideal convention and my favorite.

Attendance is slightly lower them the other two, but just as many games and vendors are there. So it has more of a smaller convention feel then the others but with everything the big conventions offer. People seem more relaxed and more friendly then the other high pressure conventions.

Tax Clearance certificate shows the tax position of the taxpayer in question.

It is only issued on the application of such a tax payer. Hello! So today marks the first day of March. Below is the summarised version of the reduction. On en retiendra qu'un seul, ou presque. And many of them were magnificent minis! Hope enjoy enjoy these pretty pint-sized handbags! Photos via vogue. Curious how the "official" investigators weren't all that curious with me 'n Mike. I'd be more than happy to point at some rocks to look under. "In order to believe Mr.

Cousins' claims of racism, you have to believe that seven to eight officers are lying and conspiring.

Non tutti però la pensano in questo modo. Alcuni ritengono che non esista una morale universale, valida per tutti gli uomini. Parlano di un pluralismo etico, nel senso che possano esistere morali fra loro diverse, a seconda dei tempi, dei popoli, delle culture e delle forme di pensiero. Hi and happy Sunday folks! Cherry here at the RRR blog. I have a fun Easter plaque to share. I used a base chipboard piece from Gypsy Soul Laser Cuts and painted it with a custom chalk paint color. I distressed the plaque for a worn appearance and added my seam bindings in both baby pink and Peacock alley. For further information on these Scams, please Read . im ready. Dear Readers, We've added a new "Exchange/Redemption Appointment" section to the sidebar just under the search box. The link provided is a document for those of you who wish to be prepared for your currency exchange/redemption appointment. Thank you for choosing us. He had just said that we must be willing to pick up our cross daily and follow Him. Here He takes it to another level and says any of us who "does not renounce all that he has cannot be my disciple". Application: Jesus paid the price for our sins, we pay the price for our discipleship.

There is a price to pay in following the Lord.

Well, well, well. Check this out. All that anti-Semitism the Democrats/Leftists/hacks in the Leftist media are trying to pin on this alleged atmosphere of intolerance supposedly ushered in by the election of Donald Trump isn't all the work of Trump supporters. During Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live, Colin Jost called Jeff Sessions a racist. Fake fake news. COLIN JOST: The Senate voted Wednesday to confirm Jeff Beauregard Sessions as our new Confederate general, sorry, attorney general, attorney general.

But don't worry.

If there's one thing that usually makes racists better, it's age. My grandpa has gotten way more tolerant. Now he says, 'My African-American nurse is stealing from me. '. Okay, then. pic. "O Lord ,remember not only the men and women of good will, but also those of ill will,but do not remember all of the suffering they inflicted upon us. S. Eakin refused to recuse from suspension proceedings of Pennsylvania Attorney General #KathleenKane whose investigation brought about his resignation - so he first ordered suspension of her license, and only then resigned from the court. S. Hello, sunshiney weather, longer brighter evenings and the promise of spring. This clock change has got me all sorts of happy and spring definitely gives me that motivating jolt. I'm so happy to see glimpses of blossom on the trees and, as my mum would say, 'the sticky buds popping' on the horse chestnuts. This week has been one of getting outside and enjoying nature. Progress. This week I finished my placement and I was so proud to see the progress the children I had worked with had made. It was incredible to think of what they had learnt in such a short space of time and being part of that was amazing. Early morning walks. Another Christmas has passed and I am continually amazed by the technologies that kids now have access to. For example, my son received a drone from my mother-in-law and has been playing with it non-stop for days now. .