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Remarkably, members of the Secret Service and other personnel responsible for protecting the president failed to evacuate him from the Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida, after they learned that a second plane had crashed into the World Trade Center and it became clear that America was under attack. As the nation's leader, Bush should have been considered a likely target for terrorists. m. Reported by KEVN: jwplayer. The Squatch Master talks about his bigfoot encounters, including his first encounter with a sasquatch as a young boy.

At that age I didn't know about Sasquatch and the townspeople referred to it as the "Boogy Man".

Us kids called it the "Old Bum on The Hill". We lived close to the base of a wooded hill and in the summer we would play in the spring where there was a small pool of clear cold water. One day some of the other kids said they saw the "old man" in the woods on the hill watching us and began throwing rocks at him. I saw him too and although not clearly through the trees, he looked like an old man wearing nothing but rags, which I later learned was loing brown hair. The "old man" picked up the rocks we had thrown and began throwing them back, but only toward us, as if he didn't want to hit us just scare us into stopping. Want to sing along? "Don't worry, be happy. " Another acrylic print on a Strathmore Printmaking card to use for birthdays or just happy hellos. What can I say, it keeps me busy and off the sofa!. This is ridiculously cool - but I'm not sure I'd have the patience to tackle it!. Vickie La Toria. Al Vidbel. "Minyak" and "Emily". Hugo told the Ringling front office that he had experience training African elephants to perform but was advised how much they had paid for her and not to do so. It's going to be a busy month. Vegan Minestrone Cheese is available. It's up to you. Yours truly, Miss Bloggette.

Some useful freebie material by evangelical OT scholar Allen Ross:.

Prosegue a Roma la protesta dei pescatori italiani contro l'art. S.

data that also showed poor performance in other categories measuring transparency in government.

And remember, with "progressives," every day is Opposite Day.

A soli diciotto anni li perdette, rimanendo egli custode di una piccola sorella e possessore di considerevoli ricchezze.

scam-job-emails. tk . Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. Yes that's right the Intel providers, Bruce ,Yousef,Admin Bill,etall are running a scam and you just saved us all. Big thanks. Today we are in Esperance. If the name does not immediately sound familiar, don't worry. That was my first response when I saw the name on the ship's itinerary. And having spent the past two hours on shore, I am not certain I can tell you much more than a few words about the experience of visiting. That is partly due to the size of the town. Even though it is the only port in southeastern West Australia, it is quite small. Empathy - the action of understanding, being aware of, being sensitive to, and experiencing the feelings, thoughts, and experience of another We all have been empathetic towards someone or had a friend be empathetic towards us. Let's think about those times. Your characters are people like you.

They also have been or experienced empathy.

This is what makes them relateable. We are going to discover the ways in which empathy is shown in PAX. Sometimes, we see it between humans, humans and animals, or animals and animals. This week, we will blog about empathy among the characters in Pax. Performance evaluation can also help us to improve construction efficiency and settlement predictions for future projects. The application of some instruments in determining settlement behavior will be discussed here, but details of instrumentation are not provided. These gauges are usually placed just after installation of vertical drains. Following figure typical layout of basic instrumentation installed during embankment construction on ground that is modified by vertical drains. Depending on existing site conditions, different configuration may be required. The requirement of monitoring is also influence this configuration. Articles on the BBC about snus are about as rare as sightings of Willy Wonka factory tour golden tickets, but just such an occurrence was spotted on Tuesday. What looks suspiciously like a well-timed piece of trademark tobacco control junk science to muddy the waters in the run-up to a CJEU challenge of the EU snus ban was - as can be expected with a study negative about nicotine - embraced warmly by Nanny Beeb. Swedes warned snus tobacco raises diabetes risk Researchers in Sweden have issued a warning over snus - the country's favourite nicotine hit - challenging claims it is a risk-free alternative to smoking. Stop right there, BBC. Haven't you been telling us all for decades that smoking is the root of every ill known to man - from lung cancer to ingrowing toenails - but now a tea bag of pasteurised tobacco placed under a person's lip isn't a better choice? I do wish these prurient bansturbators would make their minds up. A study in The Journal of Internal Medicine found using snus increases the risk of developing diabetes. Yet even after years of stating how many other diseases smoking is supposed to cause, the BBC doesn't see fit to mention the plethora of other problems that snus simply doesn't produce.

Instead focusing on a vanishingly small risk of diabetes which even the authors of this research concede is so lightweight that the margin of error could mean there is no risk at all.

The risk is even more negligible when you consider that Diabetes UK doesn't even list smoking as a risk factor on its website, so why anyone should be concerned about snus being equally benign is anyone's guess. With resources, connections and a channel for direct retail, the pipeline continues to shift, and collectors have more choices, and designers have more opportunity for their creations to be made "toy"! The Designer Toy Collective are currently taking a poll here to see what the collector would like to see made next. "After we collect the proper data we will get started on a full production run. ContentLibraryCleanup tool will not modify or delete the content on the source location. exe tool can be located in the %CM_Installation_dir%\cd. latest\SMSSETUP\TOOLS\ContentLibraryCleanup\ folder on the primary site server. Make sure the account has full administrative access to the SCCM hierarchy. JIMMY FALLON: I read that Trump's frequent visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort have many wondering if he'll stick with the presidential tradition of visiting Camp David, while others would just be happy if he stuck with the tradition of visiting the White House. You're still president on the weekend. Do you know that?. This person, who shall remain nameless, is obviously very upset with our current president and went on to say that she hoped he would suffer a massive stroke or a heart attack. I do not generally discuss politics on this blog, nor do I intend to start now. I want this blog to be a cozy space and a safe haven from the woes of the world. Have you ever seen someone you love suffer from a massive stroke? I have. My Mom had one three years ago. There was no chance of saving her. She spent the remaining nine days of her life confined to a bed, unable to speak, unable to swallow. No, not New Labour MPs, as in Blairites, but Labour MPs that, um, happen to be new. Or will be new, soon.

Like that there Gareth Snell recently returned from Stoke-on-Trent Central.

Except not him, because he knows this stuff already. Here's some advice about the small p politics of being an honourable member from someone who has never been a MP and doesn't work in politics, but has opinions. First, before you get there. who, after enduring pain and death on the cross to bring us salvation, is being wounded by His creatures. These past few days have exhausted me. The unrelenting mocking of Christians and celebration of sin, is a sign of the devil in all his "wickedness and snares" being hard at work. When Christians are mocked, so too is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit mocked. These events we are witnessing, not just here, but in the entire world, are not the deeds of people who are merely confused. This is the work of Satan. Imagine God having to see His creatures, made in His image and likeness. celebrate all that He hates.

The argument is that since local floods recur throughout history, this must refer to something categorically different.

Or that it was the most destructive to human life, given the concentration of humans in the ANE at that time.

Even a local flood can be unexampled.

The last day of March. Did anyone see it sprinting past? In what direction was it headed? What was it wearing??? Tomorrow is April. And I have microgreens. I have been collecting all my leftover Grow Journey seeds - just a few from each packet from over a year's worth, mixing them up and tossing them in seed trays every few weeks. .