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Red Reeds by Dale Chihuly. Photos by I. Peterson. On behalf of JustLiberty. Ms. Marzullo last fall published the most detailed analysis available of direct capital appeals in Texas, and some of the findings were flat-out breathtaking. Listen to our interview here, or find a transcript of our conversation below the jump. Interview with Amanda Marzullo by Scott Henson: Why Texas needs a capital appellate defender office. I'm here with Amanda Marzullo who's the interim Executive Director of the Texas Defender Service, and who has just authored an amazing and important report on direct capital appeals in Texas. Back in the golden age of social of social media, I used to contribute to the monthly HR carnival, a collection of posts from different HR bloggers, providing a great access point into the HR blogosphere. I'd occasionally host the carnival on Strategic HCM as well, usually with a picture from the Notting Hill Carnival, like the one above. The HR carnival is still going and has just celebrated its tenth year anniversary - and it's still well work a look. Robert Dodson shares his latest audio recordings of the local bigfoot. Ok, I'm pretty sure if a person took a trail camera off of a tree in the middle of the night, they would take it home with them. Not just take it off the tree and leave it laying on the ground somewhere else. Robert Dodson searches for bigfoot tracks after a stint of wet weather in Oklahoma. Great pics from El Solitario's La Copita race at Wheels and Waves. Wanne join? Send El Solitario an email! Photography by Gonzalo Arroyo. The Rev. Larry Beane, in the pages of this web log, once wrote something which bears repeating and reflection. Just what does the liturgical innovation, instability, even chaos, which prevails in so many ways in Christ's Church today, do to our children? Fr. Beane wrote, in part: "Of course, it does have implications for future generations, as younger people no longer have the image of the hoary-headed patriarchs and matriarchs, fonts of wisdom, and examples of dignified Christian piety. It's no wonder the children and grandchildren of these folks have rejected the faith all together or are so rudderless as to be groping around aimlessly in the 'emerging movement' desperately seeking 'authenticity. '" His words seized my attention, for they drew my thoughts from the particular problem of bizarre worship forms en vogue among radical feminist Catholics to the more general problem of what liturgical innovation can do to our children, both now and down the road, and conversely, to the benefits of traditional and stable liturgy for our children. Experts in child development have repeatedly warned of the harm that instability can cause to a child, and of the benefits of that which is stable and reliable in a child's life. Hi again my dear ones! I'm back - having a short break before I'm going to visit you in USA and Canada in the end of March and through April. There are so many different elements used: glass, rising, wood and metal objects, some findings and some embellishments - but all working together perfectly! Dark background was created with my favourite Art Basics Black Heavy Gesso of course - and then the colours are all thanks to Art Alchemy Waxes! Believe it or not - but there isn't much paint on this collage. At least three people have died in Gray County due to wildfires that began ravaging the land Monday afternoon. m. A fire that started near Lefors in Gray County has killed at least three people, according to the Gray County Office of Emergency Management. The names of those who died have not yet been released by authorities.



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Has it really been that long since I last visited blogland? Oops. It's now silly o'clock past midnight and I just got the overwhelming urge to write a post, as you do when you're a night owl like me. My first news is very sad. Last week our dear Alfie Blue died. Back in the days when I blogged regularly, and we lived another life in the countryside, he featured a lot in my posts with his funny loving ways. You may remember that he came and lived with the girls and I when we moved briefly to my mum's, after selling our family home. Eventually we had to hand him back to his master and only saw him a couple of times after that. We had to accept that we had lost a lot and so we had to move on, but hidden away in our hearts where it didn't hurt so much we missed him terribly. Happy Super Bowl Sunday. I will be quick here. don't want to distract anyone from the guacamole dip. My day at the RRR blog. I have two feel good cards to share. Both to do with following your path. Been thinking a lot about that in the new year. I hope to direct myself more deliberately towards my dreams. The visit to the Dentist was just fine, look Ma no cavities! I hate going to the Dentist but at my age teeth are important. Far Guy went too, he suffers after teeth cleaning as it usually kicks up the pain of his Trigeminal Neuralgia. Far Guy failed his bowel prep prior to a colonoscopy. He has a history of polyps…last year the surgeon called him a polyp farm. The Gatorade was mixed with a huge quantity of a powdered laxative in the morning and chilled. Now with Mills Bros. Circus and his own elephant "Targa" with Mrs. Schmitt holding "Pasha". Act also included a Llama "Max" and "Window". I'll be sewing, knitting, cooking and spending mornings on the verandah. Gracie is overdue for some training and I'll bath, brush and clip her too. Look after yourself, I'll see you again next week. mynecogceexams. BCMmoto. bigcartel. On the one hand, we have all this coke. see y'all later! got a meeting! You know. Robert Kelly, along with his wife Kim Jung-A and their children Marion and James, discuss the incident that made them known worldwide. JIMMY FALLON: Interpreters say it's like Trump has his own language. They're actually calling it Trumpese. This is cool though, Rosetta Stone just released a new program to help people learn Trumpese. Take a listen to it. ROSETTA STONE SPEAKER: Rosetta Stone. Trumpese. English: Hello, it's nice to meet you. JIMMY FALLON: The story is all over cable news and Trump is not happy about it. Then he said, 'And I know because I've spent all day watching them. '. For Honda's sponsorship, the cars were repainted in reference to cars found at Honda, And the grandstand received a new blue, white, silver paint scheme. Almost a year later, more additions to the Autopia were revealed. ASIMO, who was introduced in Innoventions, and his friend, Bird, are now part of a new story at Autopia. But it will get answered later in the giant tower ASIMO's friend, Bird Pictures of ASIMO and Bird on their journeys Heading into the cylinder tower, we see new animated shows scenes. S. Can Courts convey authority, or do they just interpret the law, which they are given by the Legislature? There is a concept of American constitutional construction that seeks to define and constrain government, called "separation of powers. But, interpreting the intent of constitutional framers can be a difficult endeavor. Separation of powers, stated simply, keeps the state's executive out of legislative and judicial responsibilities, while keeping the courts out of executive and legislative responsibilities, and keeping the legislature out our executive and judicial responsibilities. S. and various state constitutions. From our delegation of our authority, we have empowered government.

Depression May Up Heart Disease Risk As Much As Obesity "Our investigation shows that the risk of a fatal cardiovascular disease due to depression is almost as great as that due to elevated cholesterol levels or obesity," Ladwig said.

The results show that only high blood pressure and smoking are associated with a greater risk, he said. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "It's better to be a lion for a day than a sheep all your life. " - Elizabeth Kenny There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities. Too much water for now with a very strong current. Some fun rides as it should be calming down upon low tide. CHANNEL: High tide makes it hard to catch the good slides as a lot of paddling is going to occur. Macho current with a washy set of waves.

When the sun starts to drop the flow of the water shall be calming itself from the last storm.

An act of waist to shoulder high waves will make any board ride able. But it's still the One True Church®. The only real Catholics are dead church fathers and lay Catholic pop apologists who converted to Rome from evangelicalism. It's funny how Rome's apologists are ignorant of Catholic Bible scholarship. You might have figured out by now how much we enjoy stuffed food in the Lebanese Cuisine. I can name a long list of our dishes that require stuffing. Grape Leaves and Cabbage are not the only one. And they are all yummy! This dish today is culturally known us Mehshi Qate'h, which translation is mainly an indicative insinuation of meatless dish for Lent. .