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A new year, the same old tactics.

Sometimes for the worst and sometimes for the better and in this case for the better. However, that addition didn't go far enough for many of the meeting's attendees. Yup you read right, the parents were mad because trans students were not included in the school's non-discrimination policy. And it even gets better, Some parents said they felt particularly slighted that none of the board's nine members discussed any of the challenges facing transgender students that were raised by parents at the meeting. While some are learning so quickly, there are many students that struggle day to day with learning. They do not let it be known most of the time because they are afraid of what people will think of them. They think they will be made fun of, bullied, be put in special classes, etc. It is important for each student to feel included and to learn the same material. This does not mean they will be able to learn the same way as the other students, so we need to incorporate learning in different ways. Some students learn more by doing, some by listening, but all students need all the ways of learning to go further and further in learning. Parents/guardians also play a huge role in the student's lives, so they need to be working with the student as well. They learn by those that they love and the results are endless. Each students needs to feel important and know their role in the world.

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We used Michael Miller's Bot Boy and Bot Dot fabric.

You can find a great selection on the Sew Scrumptious website. How to Make: Print out the pattern or make your own. You can make any size that you like.

First of all - there is still no real conclusion to the quadruple homicide when Dustin was a kid.

DNA proved that it was Rusty. Some believe that it was a murder -suicide by Dustin's uncle, but it could have been Dustin who discovered the bodies and said he picked up the murder weapon - then walked out of the house in a dissociated state. When Aaron goes missing Dustin goes to Chicago to confront Rusty, who he believes is harboring the runaway teen. While confronting him, Dustin pulls out a pistol and kills Rusty. Aquil was the "serial killer" in question and even went after Aaron in the end. The book ends with Dustin's older son being summoned to Dustin's hometown to identify his body that was found in a drainage ditch. It was all just - weird. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Readers, Every once in a while I will suggest you consider subscribing to this blog. It's entirely free to read the posts here, see the pictures, and share the adventure. It always will be. But all authors, artists, musicians, and creators depend on the people who appreciate their work to be patrons on some level. If you own my books, thank you. If you share my blog posts, thank you. Want to revisit Love Actually? My sister sent me a link yesterday and I HAD to look. It was about a FAVORITTE movie-Love Actually. and actually,there will be a sequel!That's right!! A sequel.

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