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Have you ever stumbled around in the dark-either at night or during a power outage? It's not a very pleasant experience, is it? Darkness is associated with a number of unpleasant things.

When we are in the dark, we tend to move slowly or wander aimlessly. We tend to be scared in the dark, mainly because we can't see the dangers that would be apparent if it were light. There is something about darkness that makes us scared. We can also wander around in spiritual darkness. That darkness is caused by our lack of knowledge in or faith in Jesus. When we receive the Light of Christ, we don't have to be afraid of darkness or evil. Christ will be with us. When we are faithful, we will be rewarded. The prophet Isaiah wrote the passage we heard earlier in this morning's service during a time of spiritual darkness. Israel was at war with Assyria and was on the verge of being conquered because of their disobedience to God. Nowhere to turn to except the paper game ponzi. They have to play in the casino.

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Doesn't Aurora's work make you want to rush over to the ADFD shop and color one up yourself? There are six women in the Aloha Beauties collection. With Jean and Terrell Jacobs. David Mannes, Bill Bouthelier, Gary Jacobson Bill Woodcock, Fred Logan, Ben Williams and Mike Aria. I haven't been doing this for a while and I have missed it. I haven't been in the right kind of headspace for a while – so apologies for the month of no videos. A lot has been going on – both personally and in regards to my family. I have been given more to do in regards of work and so I have to prioritise. I will try to keep my blog on Wednesday up but it may not always be in my control. Steph XxX.

A promising development:.

Swoon over this set of positively awesome images from Canadian-based photographer, Katie Tribiger of KT Photography. The shoot was meant to inspire the romantic, modern and elegant bride. A soft palette of gold, blush, and white was used to create a this environment. This vision was brought to life through all the amazing vendors and the little details they added their touches on. Last night my fingers were just itching to get hold of my markers, as they often do when I've been working on other things. To satisfy my itch to colour, I stamped up several of the freesia images and spent some time bringing them to life. It actually took me a lot longer to cut them all out than it did to colour, but the effort was worth it. it looks like a little garden has bloomed on my desk. For further information on these Scams, please Read . For further information on these Scams, please Read . The time has gone by fast but seems like a lifetime ago! Nothing can prepare you for something like this! When I see devastation from tornados, fire and flooding I now know exactly what they are feeling and my heart truly goes out to them! Now we are over the hump and moving forward. We are dealing with full sun, so that was a huge challenge.

After reading this post, you will feel much better about what is going on and what is next.

If you want to jump to the Most important intel right now, go to the bottom of this post. Which Guru Is Correct, a, b, c, or d?It doesn't matter. BUT, we are living it out as it is happening in real, VERY REAL time. Thanks Pat. Bless the people of Iraq as they continue to rid themselves of evil and corruption and be with their leaders as they work to restore them to their proper place in the world. Bless all those who serve, wherever they may be – military, first responders, fire fighters and law enforcement and keep them safe from harm.

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He presumed to speak on behalf of Americans generally.

One problem with his groveling behavior is that he typically issued these apologies to countries with hideous human rights records. These kits make creating shakers a breeze! I'm sharing two different cards I made with the Solo Butterfly Card Kit, beautiful Toppings, patterned paper, and various embellishments. The Solo Butterfly Card Kit includes two card bases, two pieces of foam with removable butterfly die-cuts, acetate, and a white pre-die-cut top layer ready for decorating. I'm also sharing two cards I made with the Birthday Shaker Kit. Please take a moment to browse our site and see if anything catches your eye. k. a. matalovespells. Ben said I should tie a key to a kite and go out into a storm and Thomas said, I should make love to a servant girl. Then John Hancock said, what you should do is put your old John hancock on a petition for a new guru. I am glad someone with more writing eloquence spoke up and said what needed to be said. .