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From PacWest Bigfoot: Southern Oregon "Official" Watches Bigfoot Take Down A Deer From His Vehicle I am a local official living and working in Southern Oregon, even today. No, I cannot do any interviews for now, but when I do, I have you and a couple others that I will be sharing it with. For now, though, here is my Bigfoot encounter story, and go ahead and put your writing skills into the descriptions of the area, you know it as well as I do man. According to CPD, Vanessa Cardenas was last seen in Clayton on Monday. At this time, police said Cardenas is considered missing and endangered at this time. Cool stuff from ZZ ChopIf you're into rad oldschool chopper shit give him a follow . Recently, the salary structure of the Nigerian police force was approved and since the, applicants of the Nigerian Police Recruitment have been asking this same question about how much is the Nigerian Police is paid every month and annually. Read on. This week's question:What Will President Barack Obama's Legacy Be?Don Surber: President Obama went in as the first black man elected president. He also was a pretty good celebrity.

Domestically, he wasted nearly a trillion dollars on a stimulus that stimulated nothing.

Obamacare failed because he failed to include Republicans in its drafting. The fact that the objects are strawberries accentuates the illusion, but is not a necessary feature. I've argued about Star Wars and Star Trek minutiae as though knowing how a light saber worked or untangling time paradoxes earned me money. This time, prompted by what should be an obvious answer about a movie nobody cares about, I just have to set the record straight for nobody in particular. That and I just can't talk politics anymore for a while. " This of course was the proper answer. Kelly - Thoia Thoing","R. E. A Certain Vantage Point Looking past, over shoulders to what awaits beyond. Maybe a place, ventured later when no longer observed.

A couple of sketches from this morning's session with "L".

A photo Staffan sent me, showing him weighing a Kitavan man as part of the Kitava Study. I recently heard the sad news that Staffan Lindeberg, MD, PhD, lead researcher of the Kitava Study, has died. Staffan was a dedicated researcher and physician at Lund University in Sweden whose work was inspired by the evolutionary health principle. Food and Western Disease. Long before it was en vogue, he adopted a Paleo-style diet and saw his own chronic disease risk factors, such as body weight and blood pressure, decline. Although Kitavans weren't hunter-gatherers by any stretch of the imagination, they did eat a starchy diet free of grains, dairy, refined sugar, refined oils, and all processed foods. He went on to conduct randomized, controlled trials on the Paleolithic diet, demonstrating that it can reduce chronic disease risk factors in a Western context. Speeding Ticket?. of New Zealand politicians. 'Dump the Trump, Dump the TPPA'. Strange bedfellows. Guess they hadn't heard. Would be funny if it wasn't so sad. Kuwait's expat-bashing is very similar to the current expat bashing going on in the States. My blood pressure is so high since Trump was elected not-my-president that I can't/won't begin to discuss that subject here.

I prefer local ranting.

The recent local issue making my blood pressure rise? "Expats are ruining Kuwait's hospitals. Procedendo per ordine. Capace di offrire adeguato confort in estate e protezione all'abitato durante il periodo invernale. v. The fourth possibility is one that until recently I would have said was unthinkable in the United States of America: a military coup. Naturally, the Soros minions love her. Isn't it revealing that Opposte Day "progressives," who tradionally have loathed the military and who tell us they stand for "social justice," so yearn for martial law? It always seems to work out that way with totalitarians. Puer aeternus. , Latin for "eternal boy", in mythology, is a child-god who is forever young. In psychology, it is an older person whose emotional life has remained at an adolescent level. The puer typically leads a provisional life, due to the fear of being caught in a situation from which it might not be possible to escape.

He covets independence and freedom, opposes boundaries and limits, and tends to find any restriction intolerable.

For further information on these Scams, please Read . B.

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Dear Masters, Another day dawns as we continue towards the threshold of our blessings. Let us remember to remember to Keep Our Energies Elevated. CC started with prayer/shofar. I'm going to try my best to explain some things to you family. Monday … the topic was the NATIONAL RECONCILIATION LAW. It's important … they bragged about it … it's another item for the MR for the PREPARATION. Houston … do we have a problem for launch? No … all systems are go. Why haven't we launched yet. That would mean that we will be effectively sitting ducks like Maliki is now. The citizens would have us cooked in minutes. All Teams are gathering tonight. Let's roll!Greetings family. I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ, our personal Lord and Savior. We are gathered tonight for some very serious study. This is going to be a little different. "Happy FV Day!!!"Those are my initials by the way. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Hey guys! If you like muscle studs being fondled while sleeping, Sleeping Men / Squirt It is the site for you! Enter here and enjoy!. Parents' Obesity May Slow Child Development By Rick Nauert PhD "New findings from the National Institutes of Health suggest children of obese parents may be at risk for developmental delays. Investigators discovered that children of obese mothers were more likely to fail tests of fine motor skill — the ability to control movement of small muscles, such as those in the fingers and hands. ". Sources said the Rego Park store will close for good sometime in April. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "I would rather die of passion than of boredom.

" - Emile Zola There is no doubt that our nation's security and defeating terrorism trump all other priorities.

At times clear with pockets of blue and a risen sun. Periods of light rain followed by darkening clouds and general overcast. All sourced with S winds though much lighter than yesterday. Marginal conditions with plenty of water and energy afoot. Pieces and parts that may be cobbled together in hopes of forming a whole. CHANNEL: Foundational offerings over newly swept bars have intrigue and interest piqued. No takers now as still un-aided by onshore winds and not clean enough to entice a paddle out.

Settled weather will change the tune.

PATCH: Upon the inside zone the winds dare not delve and the breakers seek solace and serenity.

Some movies deal with fatalistic themes. Aussies, as well as an American submarine crew, have survived the thermonuclear exchange between Russia and the USA. However, the survivors know that radioactive fallout will overtake them. They are doomed. My cousin and her children who live in Canada, visit us once every three years. The first day they arrived, I wanted to make something traditional that they haven't had in a long time, so my husband suggested oriental style rice with seasoned lamb, which is, "accidentally" his favorite dish. It was the perfect start to their holiday, they absolutely loved it! Adopted from Kiri. You can also serve with a curry sauce. Add raisins, cinnamon, spices, pepper, cardamom and bay leaf. Then cook the mixture. I find that there is a lot of truth to most religions, and therefore i respect them all, but i am also aware that most of it has been thwarted and perversed for certain agendas. I also find it no coincidence that the word culture contains the word cult. God asked me to write to you tonight. I was on the phone call also. Now you could chastise me for saying I was on the phone call listening tonight. Since I can't prove it. You might not believe me since you didn't hear me on the call. Since I was busy listening. I believe Lazarus that you missed the ENTIRE MESSAGE OF THE GCR, and the ENTIRE MESSAGE FROM YOSEF. Errrrrr!. I think it needed to be said because it is one aspect of the truth we must realize. Yes, those things really happened. There is such a thing as repentance and reconciliation.

I think that's what you are doing, and I think it's what you are asking us to do.

Thank you. I'm not going to steal your thunder, you go ahead and thunder! I would like to offer my view – another side of truth – as I see it. I am a person of color. At least that is the way the world sees me, even though besides African heritage, and native American heritage, the blood of the English and German also run through my veins. Maybe I received this body because of where I stand in my heart. I do not need or want to be greater, only equal. And I am, so be it! Intuitively, I know that the desire to be greater is a trap. What if Dinar Chronicles itself is a psy-op, set up from the get go to mislead us ? This view simply extends your own view to it's logical end. .