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Continuing with the practice of classifying Paleolithic portable art as related to the category of rock art I am writing today about a theme that has fascinated people for many years.

Among the amazingly realistic antler Paleolithic carvings decorating spear throwers there is a theme sometimes known as "bird on a turd". The animal usually has its head twisted around to look back at the scene. Spear thrower, carved antler, showing an ibex or chamois giving birth, Mas d'Azil, France. Public domain. I hope that your day is wonderful, enjoy it!. " We have a new start that is fresh every morning to do better" "And each New Year we can purpose in our hearts to grow and to learn!". Alaska's junior U. S. In the body, creatinine level maintain balance in our body. A Sorbus I have been watching since the beginning of February came good today. Coat on I dashed up to nearby White Cross Avenue and there they were in some tall trees awaiting there chance to feed on the whitish berries. However, they were continually buzzed by a pair of Storm Cocks, who regarded the Sorbus berries as their own. This could work well for us, as it will take the Waxwings longer to eat off all the berries. There has been no continuation of the story of the Bible and of the Israelites at all. No stories of burning bushes, no prophesies, no coats of many colours, no arks or talking snakes. It's all been rules rules rules. And the last three chapters are the same too. In this one we have rules about property and what to do with it. Plus a nice phrase that the writers of the King James Bible came up with that people liked so much they put it on a bell. So God once more, we are told, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai, it must have been one hell of a chat. He's quite the talker isn't he, God. m. Perez was traveling at a high rate of speed and passing vehicles recklessly on the right hand shoulder of the road. Perez was taken into custody. What Elephant?.

Looking good! Hopefully the movie won't suck.

Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Gianvito Rossi suede sandals. Etro gold-plated multistone earrings. The Row Market leather-trimmed canvas tote. Darlings, what do you think of this amazing apartment and the look it inspired? Are you a minimalist or a maximalist? xoxox, CC. I picked this photo up last week. At the top of the photo is some script which reads. The photo clearly shows a boy bandsman wearing the collar badges of the Middlesex Regiment and so I thought I'd try and find out who Len was. Assuming that Len went on to serve in the First World War I ran a search on the National Archives' medal index card database where "Leonard" was the first name, "Middlesex" was the regiment. I then ran different number search options to narrow the number range. For further information on these Scams, please Read .

"If wheel running is indeed caused by captive housing, wild mice are not expected to use a running wheel in nature.

This however, to our knowledge, has never been tested. Here, we show that when running wheels are placed in nature, they are frequently used by wild mice, also when no extrinsic reward is provided. Bout lengths of running wheel behaviour in the wild match those for captive mice. For further information on these Scams, please Read West Africa Import/Export procurement scam: . Hello Friends! I am a guest designer for The Cut Shoppe this month!!! I love Ashley's cut files and was super excited to be part of her reveals for the month of January. Her cut files are so whimsical yet some are very simple and detailed. I do love backgrounds so of course I choose a few background files to work with this month. My second project is a layout and I used the GEO Globe Cut file.

PURCHASE HERE I LOVED the options for this cut file.

You can fill out parts of the glove, all of it or none at all. I know that this one has been out there before and may still be available somewhere else, but the copy I found recently was in such fine condition I just had to share it here! A blend of older standards such as Skyliner and Take The "A" Train with six fine originals, it is one of my favourite Bert Kaempfert albums. Several of you have already started! Thanks - it helps all of us keep our creative mojo going and inspires new ideas. The ADFD Shop continues to be the place you can find all those fabulous A Day for Daisies images! We guarantee you'll discover new favorites!! The ADFD Blog will remain here as a resource for ADFD fans. We hope you find it useful. Until we meet again, our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all of our A Day for Daisies fans. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. Then the flight attendant said, 'Sir, that's my skirt. 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