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A green Ford Mustang caught on fire this morning. Grandview in Odessa. We're told car's engine had been recently replaced.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in the incident.

Fried Chicken: Image courtesy of Sam Auen's "Fowl Words" blog.

You know, I have a history of "thinking out loud" here and there that gets me into things I never dreamed of. Take for instance Trans Iowa. That got me into a pickle that affected many folks AND Trans Iowa. Or what about that time I posted here about how "someone should put together a gravel events calendar". Other than that, we've been dealing with several blasts of snow over the past few days. Congratulations to Matt Coyle on his nomination for BEST MYSTERY NOVEL for DARK FISSURES to be awarded at Left Coast Crime in Honolulu in March! AND. Herewith is the final cover for the UK edition of THE METHOD by Shannon Kirk!. How will this affect FWS? Austin is more centered around the Arts, creativity, and thinking outside the box. This could equate to expansion, but in the short term, it is going mean that FWS will be slower in output, due to learning a new job and me living down in Austin prior to my wife and child moving down after we sell the house. Of course, living on my own temporarily could mean that I more evening time to work on blogposts. L'ipocentro molto profondo ha fatto si che non venisse avvertito dalla popolazione. In the fast paced, high information era in which we live, how do you maintain client confidentiality and privilege while still meeting the demands of the client? In this course we will cover the importance of protecting client confidences, understanding electronic media, finding ethical solutions to inadvertent disclosures, ethical implications of using cloud storage and navigating the ethical minefields of social media as legal professionals. <. We were in this part of Rome to have lunch at La Carbonara—mentioned in this article about the Monti rione. courtesy of mingpao. The crowd surrounded them as soon as they took out the lai see like a feeding frenzy. The lai see went in a flash. Chau Sau Na before said that she was not afraid of the chaos. Would she put in her own "flash card" in the lai see? She said, "Brother Tan took them all, you have to ask him!" Speaking of protecting the three beauties, Ah Tan said, "Sister Na is the most important!" Then he looked at Larine, "You can take care of yourself. " Larine said, "Aside from my attractive figure, I know kick boxing. I can protect them!". When I was growing up, we didn't have a lot of money and there were problems at home. Books were one of my safe places. In them, I could escape any trouble and let my imagination run wild. Reading was a gift that helped me better myself. I found my wings in the pages of books and those wings could take me anywhere! I was lucky that the librarians at my school didn't mind my insistent questions. When I had exhausted our library and sought deeper insight on subjects, my librarian said, "You know, there is a bigger library. " I used to bum rides with neighbors and even my older sister's boyfriend at the time. When that failed, I would ride my bike five miles along a busy highway and then five miles back when they kicked me out. A Grassy Key man fought with deputies and yelled for help from his mother before being arrested on outstanding felony warrants early today. m. Sergeant Nick Whiteman and Deputies Daniel Hill and Garrett Bragg were familiar with Vettinger. He is well known for fleeing from law enforcement and for fighting with deputies so they formed a plan to catch him with those things in mind. Sgt. Whiteman and Deputy Hill went to the address where Vettinger was supposed to be and, when Vettinger fled from them, Deputy Bragg, who was hiding a short distance away, waited for him. When Vettinger approached Bragg's location, the deputy stepped into his path. Vettinger, startled, fell down. And this stamp by Phyllis Harris "Earth laugh in flowers" is just perfect! I stamped the image onto some watercolor paper using some brown ink, then colored it in using my Prima Pastel Dreams watercolors for that soft look. Just one small example from a piece in the LA Times discussing pressure on conservatives in Hollywood.

"The same can be said of some studios.

" Funny how Moore is a 'documentarian' and D'Sousa is a rabble rouser. Pesantissime accuse per un sessantaduenne barcellonese, autista di mini-bus. L'episodio, gravissimo, si sarebbe consumato proprio sopra il mini-bus condotto dall'uomo, che quotidianamente la ragazzina utilizza per arrivare a scuola. Secondo quanto ricostruito dagli agenti, l'uomo avrebbe approfittato del fatto che la piccola fosse a bordo da sola per appartarsi in luogo isolato, bloccare le portiere e violentarla, con baci e palpeggiamenti. La ragazzina avrebbe a reagito evitando che l'orco si spingesse oltre. Questi, dopo averle stretto le mani al collo, l'avrebbe infine minacciata di morte dicendole: "Non dire niente a nessuno, neanche alle tue amiche, altrimenti ti ammazzo". Katerina Mills has nowhere to hide. That ending line man. Katerina, the girl I love to hate, has to deal with more dangerous situations than she's ready for. She thinks she's out too, boy will she be in for a surprise. Honestly, she annoyed me this WHOLE book. Almost all her decisions really had me hot like. For further information on these Scams, please Read . " "It is too early to talk about any changes, it will depend on oil prices and stabilize the market, if OPEC decided cuts, Iraq will be reduced. In short, If you don't have Confidence in getting what you want, you don't expect it either, and without expectation, it will fail more times than not. Expectation means that there is nothing keeping your manifestation from happening. There is NO Resistance or Blockage. Frankly, if you Don't EXPECT it, why should the Universe Manifest it? Can you imagine how crazy it would be in a Universe that just Manifests Un-Expected things? Instead the Universe and the Manifestation process is designed to Manifest what you want and EXPECT and nothing more or less. It is a Universe of Deliberate Creations that are Expected. Guided writing is different and has a rhythm that is a song of Prayer within, and is actually Holy Spirit coalescing with my own precise perceptions and needs for Love and nurturing appropriate for me and my path, and not meant at all for helping anyone else, except if they are connected to Holy Spirit themselves. Herein is the key in the writing that, only unlocks for others that ask for help from Holy Spirit to understand. Cool, huh? Most of my writings are already blogs on other sites, but many are left out so as not to overwhelm any that would not even want to try and understand, because all my writing includes very personal work to let go of very difficult awarenesses. All of these writings were posted on the Conversations with God site that I was on for about a year. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. There are a several hundred of these accounts, so I needed a way to generate strong passwords for all the accounts and give them to me in a format I can use to either hand over to the team that will be changing those passwords, or that I can "pull" into another script to change the passwords. With this in mind, I wrote a script to generate strong passwords for the service accounts. You will need a list of account names to generate the passwords for. This list needs to be in a CSV and the accounts need to be in a column named "SamAccountName". When you run the script, you'll be prompted for the file path and name that needs to be imported. If the file is in the current directory, then just type the filename, i. e. caps. In her video she was tearing newspaper and distressing her background by ripping it. So I decided to try the same thing, but with a stamped image. First, here is this week's SOTW which I will be using in my project: SO sweet, right?! Ok, so here is a distressed tag I made with it: Do you see the subtle distressing on the butterfly? I created this effect by first painting the butterfly and then when it was almost dry, I lightly erased over it in certain areas to pull up some of the paper. To add to the distressed feel, I used Tim Holtz inks on the tag, doily, and the sentiment strip. I love how it turned out! Something a little different. The Illinois State Bar Association website has more detailed information about the program here. तर आज आम्ही तुम्हा काही असेच आयुर्वेदिक उपाय सांगत आहोत. I have seen two days where a few snow flakes were in the air.

None survived the ground.

Perfect winter.


No ice. No snow. Awesome. Almost made it through the season with no ailments, almost. The story goes like this: Endurance exercise brings about a volume overload or a preload stimulus to the ventricle that lead to eccentric hypertrophy which is an increase in ventricular cavity size and only slight increase in wall thickness. .