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From Jonathan Odom: Hey guys this is a Q and A session. Also for everyone that's wanted to donate here is one time link to donate. Here is the Gofundme link. Thanks for always watching. Texas A&M Kingsville will be holding a candle light vigil for two students killed in a weekend crash.

The vehicle plunged into the San Antonio river.

Both students died at the scene of the crash. President Trump campaigned on behalf of the neglected middle class, but at least in the health care sphere, those he has chosen for their advice or considered for nomination seemed to be more the corporate class. Ms Verma, unlike some other people President Trump has considered for health care leadership or advisory positions, does seem to have a background in health care policy, if not actual on the ground health care. But like many of those people, she has been accused of having important conflicts of interest. The Star described Ms Verma's work for the state thus: Verma enjoys a tremendous amount of sway for a private contractor. She has her own office at the state government center. Earlier this year, Pence turned to her to broker a deal with the state's hospital industry to help finance his plan to expand the Healthy Indiana Plan. Ralph Raico died on Dec. The occasion was the school's mock political convention for that presidential election year. I was the speaker for Sen. It was a few minutes before the start of the proceedings and I was seated on the stage. A thin young teenager approached me, wearing a pull-down woolen cap. Here's video from Monday's home meet featuring the B-B-E/Paynesville varsity jazz squad: Today has been a very exciting day as the B-B-E speech team is hosting their season-opening mock meet at the high school. Persona buona e disponibile con tutti. Un uomo d'altri tempi. che manca alle nostre isole. Eolienews vuole ricordarlo in questo primo anniversario dalla dipartita. Wintersett Res. Roost: The Gulls behaved well again but the Leucistic Black-headed Gull was the only notable picked up today. In fact,the Vedas describe Indra and Rudra as the One with two names. A profound and deep meaning to the link between these two deities will be concluded at the end of this article. Foremostly,let's analyse these two deities. Before that,we must understand that in the vedic culture,everything has different dimensions of expressions to it. You cannot limit anything to a single form of understanding. For example, Shiva is seen as a being , yet He is also the formless aspect of the cosmos in the form of Linga. Enjoy the sweet music. To chat , please sign in with your Chatango account. View from behind my house. My little patch of Heaven wasn't left unscathed by the fire. The cattle and horses were moved to a neighbor's pasture the farm animals were moved to safety and I was told to evacuate the farm. Had several things already packed, grabbed the house cat and drove to a safe distance to watch. The strong winds drove the wild fire south of my house and through the pasture. Gaetano Sardella. Il Padre - "No, Figlio, non ti ho abbandonato. Ti ho seguito passo passo per tutto il dramma da quando eri nel Getsemani, a quando sono giunti Giuda e le guardie e ti hanno fatto prigioniero. Quindi davanti al Sinedrio, a Pilato, a Erode, di nuovo a Pilato. Quando ti hanno flagellato, ti hanno messo la corona di spine, ti hanno caricato della croce e infine lungo i duecento metri che vanno dal Sinedrio fino al Golgota. Sono rimasto impressionato dalla tua resistenza, dalla tua sopportazione, dalla tura determinazione. Can we get corroboration from someone besides Cynthia McKinney?. "Speaking at a party in what I thought was a personal conversation.

I guess it pays to be "Authorized Journalist" royalty.

Il premio persegue l'obiettivo di ricercare e valorizzare la poesia e le sezioni del premio si ispirano all'attenzione che Alda Merini aveva per la poesia altrui e ai valori che ha testimoniato con la sua vita e la sua opera. Le poesie possono essere scritte in lingua italiana, in dialetto o in lingua straniera. A quelle in dialetto, o in altre lingue, deve essere allegata la traduzione in lingua italiana. For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes.

Also then we will take some time off.

We will let you know on our site: thebigcall. Be sure to check back to our site to see the possibility of a celebration call, a pre-recorded call if it happens between now and Thursday night. We will have the recorded call instead of the live call if this does happen between now and Thursday night. I took the long, scenic, and rocky route to publishing my books. Then it was picked up and re-published by Good Books, who went on to also publish Upstairs the Peasants are Revolting and Downstairs the Queen is Knitting. Good Books decided not to pick up the fourth book, so I self-published the next two. Then Goods went bankrupt and fell off the face of the Earth for a year before they were bought out by Skyhorse Publishing in New York City. Recently Skyhorse decided to re-publish my first three titles under one cover. I think that is an awful lot of Mrs. Smucker's Attempts At Squeezing Profound Meaning From Daily Life to read and digest at one go, but it isn't my decision to make. And who am I to fuss if they want to get more mileage out of those titles? So Sunlight Through Dusty Windows should be out this fall. Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images. parking on the Cambrian apron. parking on the GA apron. Nancy Pelosi's tweet, "The truth? ACA resulted from one of the most transparent drafting processes in recent memory," is nuts. No, not the truth. Not even close. Nancy Pelosi, then vs now. pic. Will the New England Patriots or the Atlanta Falcons win Super Bowl LI? The puppies make a prediction. There's nothing much else I can do I'm afraid. I am very worried about the global economy in the next few. READ THE REST OF THE ARTICLE ON THE NEW WEBSITE: JIM ROGERS TALKS MARKETS. Warning. This rooster is the pro tem President of the State Senate. S. illegally, and criminally. Yes you'd better read that again. They got a hell of a lot of falsies. Not only has this fool given the authorities a warm invite to his home to arrest and boot out half his family, he has also confirmed Trump's claims of massive electoral fraud. First we'd like to thank all the filmmakers who have submitted their films to the DIY Film Fest! Looking for the right shot.

We do our best at the DIY Film Fest to honor films from across the globe that embody the spirit of the festival - just picking up a camera and filming something that moves them.

Each year, we get submissions from across the globe, and this year was no different. We have entries from Lebanon, Iran, India, Bulgaria, Guatemala and Nepal - from New York to California and all points between. It's thrilling to see the depth and breadth of the stories submitted. High fins all around. Meanwhile, the affluent whites are demanding we boycott just about every business in the entire country. Why? Because there might be an Ivanka Trump item sold there. However, I can report that they've expressed great sadness at not being able to shop at upscale places like Nordstrom anymore. In the most blatant example of cognitive dissonance I've witnessed lately, an SJW on Facecrap posted a picture of herself holding an African baby, and with the caption "I choose humanity", and a cute little arrow pointing out the baby in case you don't "get it. While there, she and her friends had ample time to grab a bunch of photo ops - proof that they are so much better, more caring, and more moral than us dirt dwellers.

So where's the dissonance, you ask? The previous week she was marching in her local "ladies who march™ protest demanding that we pay for abortions.

You know, abortions - the procedure that kills a baby. I want to close my series on the book by discussing several of those problems. Either way, whether I'm addressing a limitation of the book or a flaw, I think these are points worth making. - Because of the nature of modern culture and modern scholarship, some issues tend to be underappreciated or ignored in certain contexts. A book like this one is unlikely to say much, if anything, about the Divine inspiration of the gospels. But, whatever the merits of bracketing that kind of issue in a book like this one, whether the gospels are inspired scripture has major implications for what we make of their historicity and other characteristics. We've written a lot about the evidence for the Divine inspiration of scripture, such as here, here, and here. - The book doesn't say nearly enough about what the earliest interpreters of the gospels tell us about the documents.

I think both sides are wrong for different reasons.

But I'm also struck by the spectacle of the pope, cardinals, and bishops squabbling with each other.

At best, the Catholic hierarchy is a prima donna club. .